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90 Day: The Single Life Spoilers: Wait! Does Syngin Even Know What He Wants?

90 Day: The Single Life Spoilers: Wait! Does Syngin Even Know What He Wants?90 Day: The Single Life spoilers for Season 2 brought Syngin Colchester explaining what he looks for in a woman. But wait! What is going with the young South African who split from Tania Maduro? Actually, Discovery+ and TLC fans might wonder if he’s even got the vaguest idea. Perhaps, life is like a lottery to him. Spoiler Alert!

90 Day: The Single Life Spoilers: Syngin Colchester

Discovery+ premieres the new season on November 12. The cast includes Jesse Meester, an unpopular choice who was seen in recent months getting in some PDA with Jeniffer Tarazona. Recall, he previously dated Darcey Silva. Meanwhile, Jennifer also stars in Season 2. However, she’s keen on someone else who lives in the USA. Then, very controlling Natalie Mordovsteva looks for someone else to control.

90 Day: The Single Life also brings back Mother Debbie, Colt’s mom, and Big Ed Brown. Next, bisexual Stepanie Matto who previously dated Erika Owens returns, claiming she had no hanky-panky in about two years. Meanwhile, Syngin Colchester looks for only God knows what. And yep, Tania is back as well. Well, Syngin was recently rumored to date someone called Erin, so maybe he’s just trolling the audience.

90 Day: The Single Life Spoilers: Teaser Reveals Confused Syngin

In a teaser that Syngin Colchester shared for the show, a lot of people thought he confused his English choice of words. Well, English might not be his first language, but all kids learn it at school in South Africa. Plus, he worked in Cape Town where English is widely spoken. So, there’s no way he’s not pretty fluent when he talks. Besides, how can you possibly confuse a three-letter word with anything else?

The 90 Day: The Single Life teaser revealed that Syngin seems uncertain about who he wants. Actually, it looks like he hopes for a mix of Tania and Mother Mary. Remember when he and Tania first dated? Well, they had some weird sort of Gothic-style wedding with tattooed wedding bands. So, it’s no surprise that he said he might be looking for a Goth. It’s interesting as it’s so retro in South Africa and never really took off outside of formerly trendy Hillbrow. And only those with fearless hearts might willingly go there these days.

90 Day: The Single Life Spoilers: Is His Second Choice A Nun?

Discovery+ brings back Syngin Colchester as both South Africans and Americans know him. However, the Syngin that fans see on their screens seems a bit different from your average guy with his cultural background. Previously, he traveled the eastern nations and seemed to like the spiritual aspects he found there. Perhaps, that’s why he also said that he’d look for a nun. Looking for purity and spirituality seems all very well. But hey, Syngin, they don’t date. And anyway, would he play second fiddle to Jesus?

90 Day The Single Life Wait Does Syngin Even Know What He Wants

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Syngin Colchester really has no clue about exactly what he looks for in a soulmate? Sound off in the comments below.

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