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Sister Wives Spoilers: What Happened To Kody Brown’s Motto – “Love Should Be Multiplied, Not Divided?”

Sister Wives Spoilers: What Happened To Kody Brown’s Motto – “Love Should Be Multiplied, Not Divided?”Sister Wives Spoilers suggest that Kody Brown is starting Season 16 of Sister Wives with a new motto. “Love Should Be Multiplied, Not Divided” certainly seems to be a thing of the past. Last season seemed to prove that love was being anything but multiplied as half of his wives were ready to jump ship. What is the new motto that Kody is spouting this year?

Has Kody Given Up On Polygamy?

The Sister Wives stars were all over the place with their feelings last season by the finale. Meri Brown and Kody’s relationship was non-existent, for lack of a better word. Christine Brown was ready to walk off and leave the family because she “can’t do this with Kody anymore.” Meri was eager to tell Christine that she can’t just walk away and yet she is now running the Bed and Breakfast in Utah after her mother’s death.

To add insult to injury, Kody had criticized Janelle Brown’s handling of Covid-19 precautions as well as not seeing her for weeks on end because her sons worked outside the home. For the majority of last season, Kody had only one wife and that was Robin. Kody also had one set of children as well, those living in Robin’s house.

Kody Advises His Children To Pursue Excellence

Sister Wives’ Kody says he has taught his children to pursue excellence and has been striving to do this himself. Obviously, this was certainly not the motto last year because he wasn’t pursuing excellence in any relationship.
Perhaps he wants his children to pursue excellence in their education or relationships but is he setting a good example for either? Kody tends to criticize his wives when he disagrees with them even to the point of suggesting that they deny treatment for one child by six months. So what exactly is Kody pursuing excellence in?

Did Courting Robyn Cause This Change?

Sister Wives’ Kody admits that he didn’t pursue excellence in his 30’s. Of course, at this time he had three wives and several children. However, after 16 years of marriage to three wives, suddenly, Kody wanted a new wife. Is Kody implying that his first four decades were not his best? Has having four wives given Kody his excellence because it certainly seems like his life is falling apart to fans.

Perhaps, now that the older kids are grown and moving on, Kody’s pursuit of excellence is raising his and Robyn’s children differently than the children of his other three wives. Robyn’s children seem to have one set of parents instead of three mothers and that is fine with Kody from the looks of things. The family has been separated since they left Las Vegas and are growing further and further apart.

Is Kody’s true excellence monogamy after all? Has Kody decided that leading separate lives is what is best for his family after all?

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