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Love During Lockup Spoilers: New Convict Dating Show Ready to Hit Airwaves

 Love During Lockup Spoilers: New Convict Dating Show Ready to Hit AirwavesLove During Lockup spoilers show it is the newest convict dating show to hit the airwaves as part of the Love After Lockup franchise. Love After Lockup began as a risk.

But as it turned out, that risk proved a wise one, with the show becoming a hit. Find out how the show and its spin-off Life After Lockup got made.

And discover what new spin-off just got the green light below!

How Did Love After Lockup And Life After Lockup Get Made?

Even before Love After Lockup premiered in January 2018 on WeTV, reality TV expert Matt Sharp got a gut feeling that he had created a hit, he told Variety.

The concept resulted from a brainstorming meeting in 2016.

And with Sharp ensuring that the idea could get turned into reality, production began.

To cast the show, producers managed to find couples who had met through prison dating websites.

As a result of meeting through those websites, the couples faced challenges in building their relationships after the prisoner got released.

Even with minimal marketing, Love After Lockup attracted viewers. As a result, 2019 saw the birth of a spin-off, Life After Lockup.

That spin-off tracks couples who survived the first period after release from prison.

Why Make Another ‘Lockup’ Reality TV Show?

Sharp noticed that viewers took time to search to find more details about the couples shown on the ‘Lockup’ shows.

“These are real people, real relationships,” pointed out the reality TV expert.

As a result of the interest, Love During Lockup has begun production.

This spin-off will examine how the relationships begin, giving viewers the chance to understand more about the motivation for these couples. Look for “Love During Lockup” to premiere on We in January.

What Appeals To Viewers Of ‘Lockup’ Shows?

Lauren Gellert, We’s executive vice president of development and original programming, and Sharp agree that the appeal of the ‘Lockup’ show concerns “hope.”

The individuals on the shows, “hope for the good life to follow — the hope for love, the hope for a relationship,” she explained.

 Love During Lockup Spoilers: New Convict Dating Show Ready to Hit Airwaves

And while some viewers see the show as totally different than anything they could imagine, others see a glimpse of their own lives or those of their relatives.

“There are over two million prisoners in this country. This is a reality to a lot of Americans,” added Sharp.

Producers Reveal Favorite ‘Lockup’ Stars

How well do the producers get to know the participants on the ‘Lockup’ shows?

Gellert and Sharp even have a favorite couple, Brittany and Marcelino.

Brittany Santiago starred on the second season of Love After Lockup as well as later seasons of Life After Lockup.

Following prison and some issues with her non-con boyfriend Marcelino, Brittany became a realtor. And the couple also became parents to two children.

As a result of her fame, Brittany acquired 172,000 followers on Instagram.

Gellert believes that Brittany has become so popular because she is authentic in desiring to help others.

“She goes for a really, truly, ‘I can’t believe this second chance at life I got after prison, and I just want to help others.’ But she’s not looking at us as a network and saying, ‘So why don’t you guys amp up my Twitter account? And make me more famous?’” pointed out Gellert.

What do you think about the new spin-off? Will you watch it?

Share your views with us and be sure to check back on our site for updates on Love After Lockup!

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