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Sister Wives: Jenelle Brown Shares Some Secrets, But Not All

Sister Wives: Jenelle Brown Shares Some Secrets, But Not AllThere is not much about Jennelle Brown that fans are not privy to as the reality TV star is usually transparent to her fans.

Of all the Sister Wives Janelle is not the most autonomous and she often does her own thing.

But the polygamist wife isn’t always an open book for anyone to read.

Though fans love to keep up with the stressful lives of the four Sister Wives, they aren’t envious of them.

Janelle has always been the most cool-headed and outspoken of the bunch, always willing to speak her mind to the patriarch Kody Brown, as well as the other wives.

Of the bunch of reality TV stars, Janelle has always been willing and able to back up what she says with facts and evidence.

Sister Wives: Moving into a Luxury RV

Fans are surely aware that, when the Brown clan moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, Janelle chose to move into a luxury RV on the family’s property.

The mother of six of the Brown brood has enjoyed her time in the RV to this point.

She’s been able to step out of her front door and immediately be transported to the countryside watching the sunset and the stars blanket the wide Arizona sky.

5th Wife?

The sister wife has always kept fans up to date on her experiences, but some fans still wonder what she’s holding back or keeping under wraps.

The Entertainment Chronicle reported, back in June 2021, that Kody Brown was considering bringing a fifth wife into the Brown clan, but she was said to be underage and so the family was waiting until her 18th birthday before bringing it up.

As of yet, Kody has not taken on another wife, but fans seem excited at the prospect as it could change the brown family dynamic drastically.

Sister Wives: Going in Reverse at Coyote Pass

Janelle has had her share of drama with her polygamist husband, and she also has secrets.

Just recently it was discovered that the real estate broker didn’t know how to back up a car which was discovered when she couldn’t reverse her vehicle at Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives: Jenelle Brown Shares Some Secrets, But Not All

Though this is a common problem among some drivers, Janelle has heretofore kept it under wraps.

Some fans have also pointed out that Janelle might be a hoarder after seeing tiny piles of clothes cluttering her home before the move.

This, however, is more likely a byproduct of having six children to contend with.

Being one of the more popular Sister Wives known for her down-to-earth mindset, the fact that she has some things she keeps close to her chest should be no surprise to fans as everyone has secrets.

Fans will surely be on the lookout for more of Janelle’s secrets as the new season of Sister Wives gets underway on November 21, 2021.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Sister Wives right now, Come back here often for all the Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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