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Little People Big World: Amy Throws Isabel a Beautiful Baby Shower

Little People Big World: Amy Throws Isabel a Beautiful Baby ShowerOn Monday, September 27, Amy Roloff threw her daughter-in-law, Isabel Sofia Rock, a wonderfully extravagant baby shower, and the mother-to-be shared a video of it on her Instagram page.

In the video, we suddenly see a huge spread with decorated cookies, pastries, deviled eggs, stuffing, and fruit salad, among others.

We can also see all the smiling faces of those attending the joyful event surrounded by the golds, greens, peaches, and silvers of the balloons with which the shower was adorned.

The talented chef and matriarch of the Little People Big World family made all the wonderful homemade treats entirely vegetarian with respect to her 25-year-old vegan daughter-in-law.

Little People Big World: A Baby Boy-themed Shower

The festively decorated cookies featured Christmas trees, a red truck, a baby deer, and an all-white cookie that read, simply, “Oh Boy!”

The themes of the shower appeared in the form of foxes, deer, bears, and raccoons emblazoned on napkins and paper plates.

In the video, guests played games that seemed to involve, in one instance, the sniffing of baby food a game where guests presumable guess the flavor of baby foods by tasting them or, in this apparent case, smelling them.

22-month-old, Lilah Roloff made an appearance at the shower, attempting to write down her baby food guesses, and she certainly should know them.

Little People Big World: ‘Coming in December!’

Then it came time for the expecting parents, who were wed in September of 2019, to open their gifts together before their excited guests.

The gifts included a fox snuggle blanket, baby diapers, and newborn baby clothes.

Fans may recall that Isabel announced the expected December arrival of their baby with an image posted on Instagram of Isabel, baby bump, and Jacob posing in the fading sunlight.

It was captioned, “We are elated to share that the baby boy we have been dreaming of is coming this December!”

Little People Big World: Amy Throws Isabel a Beautiful Baby Shower

Little People Big World: A Memorable Occasion

The new baby, when it arrives, will be the recently married couple’s first child so fans and friends alike can sense their excitement.

The Roloff matriarch really went to great lengths to make this a memorable occasion for her son and daughter-in-law, and you can see from the grinning faces, the guests recognized it.

Fortunately, since the couple does not intend to share photos of their son on social media, fans can still soak up the joyful feelings from occasions like this.

It is still uncertain if there will be a 23rd season of Little People Big World after Jacob’s allegations, on Instagram, of being molested by a former executive field producer of the show at the end of season 21. Keep checking TV Soap Videos for more Little People Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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