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Jailbirds New Orleans Spoilers: Drug Dealer Julie Raffray Accused of Murdering FBI Informant

Jailbirds New Orleans Spoilers: Drug Dealer Julie Raffray Accused of Murdering FBI InformantJailbirds New Orleans spoilers reveal the show airs on Netflix and Julie Raffray faces severe charges as people died. One of them, an FBI informant passed away, and incredibly, it turns out that her dealer was also an informant. However, the dealer worked as an informant for the DEA. It certainly makes fans wonder who uses who when it comes to law enforcement.

Jailbirds New Orleans Spoilers: Another Popular Prison Story

Fans simply can’t get enough of people who end up behind bars. After all, Love After Lockup and the spinoff Life After Lockup are super-popular. In fact, last year, ratings screamed to new highs. Then, Orange Is the New Black was very well received. Similarly, Bad Girls attracted viewers, as did Prisoner Cell Block H. So, it seems that Netflix hit on an easy winner with Jailbirds. 

Jailbirds New Orleans Julie Raffray Talks Drug-Related Murder Charges

Jailbirds New Orleans arrived on Netflix at the end of September this year. Blurred Reality reported, “The new show centers on the female inmates at the Orleans Justice Center and the intrigue that ensues as a result of their tangled interactions.” Well, one person who caught the attention of fans is Julie Raffray. She ended up arrested for drug possession and second-degree murder. And yet, she simply does not look, like a thug or a criminal.

Jailbirds New Orleans – The Story Of Julie Raffray’s Murder

In June 2018, Michael “Slim” Willis, Julie Raffray, Sonya Blake, and James Bordelon were implicated in a nine-count narcotics prosecution. However, Wills and Raffray faced serious charges after someone died. And, Michael Pelot overdosed on the heroin they sold. On the show, Julie opened up about the details but didn’t disclose all of them. In fact, Asa Hawks of Starcasm dug into it and found out even more.

In a surprising twist, it turned out that Jailbirds New Orleans inmate Julie Raffray sold Michael Pelot bad drugs. He happened to be a confidential informant to the FBI. Actually, when he and his wife went and collected the drugs, his wife, “overdosed on the drugs inside Raffray’s house.” Sarcasm cited NOLA as saying, “Raffray was able to revive her with Naloxone, which reverses the effect of opioid overdoses. ” Nevertheless, they still took it home, and later, Pelot died.

Dealer Was Also An Informant- For The DEA

The dealer that Julie sold drugs for was named Michael “Slim” Willis. Well, it turned out that he also informed for law enforcement. Only, he didn’t work for the FBI, he worked for the DEA. In fact, the FBI was aware of this. A user, Julie, only sold the drugs to score some free highs. As she pointed out, “I’d have never imagined that all that would happen from me using and just wanting to get high.”

Starcasm reported that by the time her rescheduled case happens, it will have been over three years since her arrest. Meanwhile, Julie remains behind bars and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening on Netflix right now. Come back here often for more Jailbirds New Orleans spoilers, news, and updates.

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