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Sister Wives Spoilers: How The Brown’s Make Money

Sister Wives Spoilers: How The Brown’s Make MoneySister Wives spoilers reveal that fans want to know just how the Brown family makes money on the show. We all know that TLC does pay them per episode, but what else do they do for work? Do they have full time careers or do they just have online jobs? How do they feed and clothe their family and how do they afford such a lavish lifestyle?

What Are Their Jobs?

When reality shows get canceled, it can be a tough thing for them to get by financially. Many fans are curious that if a show ends, then what do the cast members do for money? It can be quite complicated, but the cast members came onto the show with jobs, so more than likely they keep them while on the show. We just never see them working on the show because that seems a bit boring.

The Brown family seems to have a lot of side hustles and not one full time career. The wives actually seem to work much harder than Kody Brown does. For example, Meri Brown owns and runs a bed and breakfast that is located in Utah. She also works for LuLaRoe selling clothing.

Bringing in the Money

Christine Brown, much like Meri, also sells clothing for LuLaRoe and it does look like she is more focused on being a homemaker and taking care of the children and daily housekeeping. She loves to cook, clean, and decorate and it looks as if she doesn’t work as much as the other wives.

Sister Wives Spoilers: How The Brown’s Make Money

Robyn Brown has an online store called My Sisterwife’s Closet. The income from this store goes to every wife and child in the Brown famliy. According to the website, they have been updating the store for quite some time. Janelle Brown has a full time career in real estate and many viewers think that she is the one brining in the most money. She has been very successul in this field.

Lastly, there’s Kody Brown. He tells fans that he is a jack of all trades, he makes Cameos for fans, and he has worked in Internet ad sales.

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