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Life After Lockup Spoilers: Nicolle & Tia Admonished After Asking Fan for Money

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Nicolle & Tia Admonished After Asking Fan for MoneyLife After Lockup spoilers reveal Nicolle and Tia are skewered by critics after allegedly going on Instagram, in a private message, and asking a fan for money.

In Season 4 of Life After Lockup Nicolle and Tia are back in the spotlight as a couple.

First introduced on the show as Daonte’s girlfriend, Nicolle ‘dated’ him while in jail and he subsequently funded her lifestyle in prison.

Life After Lockup: Using Daonte for Cash

After Nicolle’s release from jail Daonte worked very hard to win Nicolle’s affections but the reality TV star seemed to only want his money, which she spent freely.

After Nicolle reunited with some exes, Daonte began realizing that she was only in it for the money – using him to get ahead.

After returning to Life After Lockup, Tia is back, and she is in Nicolle’s life even as Nicolle is using Daonte for his money.

Now it seems that Tia and Nicolle are irritating some fans with their recent social media activity.

Life After Lockup: ‘You Know Me from the Show’

According to some social media fans, Daonte isn’t the only person being shaken down by the pair.

A Reddit user shares some screenshots of Nikkole trying to shake down a fan for some cast.

In the screenshot, we see the Love After Lockup star come out and say, “You know me from the show [Love After Lockup].”

The reality star then explained that she didn’t get on much and that was why she took so long to respond.

But then she went on, writing, “I came down because my grandma passed away. We been stuck for two days. No money for food no money for gas a room nothing” and then proceeded to ask the fan for money.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Nicolle & Tia Admonished After Asking Fan for Money

“If you can help me out I can either send it back, or me and my wife send you a little something better.”

The ploy was evidently successful because the fan responded with the words, “Yea, I guess I can send you something.”

So, it does certainly seem, from this evidence, that Tia and Nicole are trying to scam their Life After Lockup fans for money.

Life After Lockup: Tia and Nicolle Clap Back

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, September 21, Tia shares a video, on Nikolle’s Instagram, of her flaunting stacks of cash, telling fans and “haters” that she’s doing fine, with a Cadillac and an SUV “paid for.”

Nicolle captioned the video, writing, “TIA SPEAKS OUT” then shares the hashtag for the show.

Then she writes, “[Tia] and I have stayed quiet for too long. Check back in a few if you want to watch my short my video speaking out.
&&&&&&& than tune in TOMORROW @8pm for our live sit down together. Right here.”


Later Nicolle shared her own video on the matter, captioning it, “I’m case you didn’t know

You don’t have to like me. You don’t have to believe me. You ain’t moving my mood. I’m happy where I am,” and, in the video, she says basically the same thing.

Watch the videos and find out for yourself.


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