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Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Star Charles Shaughnessy Teases Shane’s DOOL Future!

Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Star Charles Shaughnessy Teases Shane's DOOL Future!“Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem” initially attracted only skepticism from DOOL fans. Most doubted that DOOL could create a spinoff that would even equal, much less surpass, the current episodes.

But by bringing back fan favorites, weaving their roles together with a riveting plot, and starring current Days Of Our Lives fans, “Beyond Salem” has turned into a hit.

And the five-episode DOOL spinoff thus far has got us eagerly awaiting the latest installment on the Peacock streaming service.

In particular, fans delighted to welcome back one familiar face who’s gone “Beyond Salem.” Charles Shaughnessy has soared in his return to his role as Shane Donovan.

Find out what Charles just revealed about the Days Of Our Lives spinoff, Kim and Shane’s love story, and whether he might return to DOOL below!

Charles Shaughnessy Goes ‘Beyond Salem’ As Shane

Reflecting on Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, Charles Shaughnessy told Soap Hub that he views the DOOL spinoff as “a throwback to those — what I call — ‘caper’ storylines of the 1980s. Our vast group of intrepid heroes go around the world stopping the bad guys.”

The “Beyond Salem” actors believes the 1980s represents a “golden age” for Days Of Our Lives.

As a result, Shaughnessy revealed that producers wanted to return to that golden era by re-creating it in “Beyond Salem.” And when Charles learned about the opportunity to return, he hoped that he too could re-live that era.

Did starring on “Beyond Salem” live up to his expectations?

“We all said that this was like stepping into a time portal and we had never left,” confessed the DOOL actor. “When I was running lines with Drake [Hogestyn, John Black] and Deidre [Hall, Marlena Evans], it felt like we last did it 30 seconds ago — not 30 years.”

And he added a trademark sense of humor to that confession.

“We’re a little grayer, a little slower, and we had to stop and take our medication,” joked Charles.

Charles Shaughnessy Reveals Why He’s Returned To DOOL So Often

Since first leaving Days Of Our Lives in 1992, Charles has starred in a variety of TV shows.

And yet, Shaughnessy hasn’t hesitated to accept any opportunities to return to DOOL.

As to why?

“The most fun job I’ve ever had has been working on [Days Of Our Lives],” revealed Charles. “It’s like being in a repertory company.”

From getting “so close with the cast” to building a star-studded support system, DOOL has offered a bottomless treasure chest for the DOOL star.

As to whether he would return again? Yes, with a caveat.
“I’m happy to [come back to Days of Our Lives] anytime if they make it a proper story,” added the actor.

DOOL ‘Supercouple’ Shane And Kim

Charles also reflected on past “supercouples” who made Days Of Our Lives fans go “wild.” And he revealed just how Shane and Kim became one of those supercouples.

“I came on for a few days as Hope’s [Kristian Alfonso] butler,” recalled the actor. “Patsy had been on for a bit. They had put her in various scenes with potential love interests. They were like mini-screentests within episodes. Producers would see how it worked. One day, they thought, “Let’s put Shane and Kim together.” They came up with this idea of Shane spying on Kim through a window in her apartment.”

Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Star Charles Shaughnessy Teases Shane's DOOL Future!

At a location shoot, some of the public got to appear as extras. When producers introduced Patsy and Charles, “the place went wild,” noted Charles.

“Shane found out about Kim having been abused by her uncle Eric and fell in love with her and a romance was born. What a great era of the show!”

Will Charles Shaughnessy Return To DOOL After ‘Beyond Salem’?

Shaughnessy also addressed the question of his possible return to DOOL after the spinoff ends.

The “Beyond Salem” star praised producers to weaving “five or so very distinct stories” with the key plot of chasing the jewels.

“You’ve got different characters and locations with Shane and the ISA being the part of the story that brings it all together. I think streaming is the perfect location for these types of things,” he pointed out.

And Charles indicated he would be very willing to return.

“I’m hoping it works and they continue to do this. I’d like to visit again and try to help solve another case!” he admitted.

We hope so too! And be sure to check back on our site for all your DOOL and “Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem” news.

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