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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Third Trimester Update From Sophie Winder

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Third Trimester Update From Sophie WinderSeeking Sister Wife (SSW) star Sophie Winder welcomed her little boy Ephraim in 2020 and now she’s pregnant with her second baby. Now in her third trimester with her daughter, she took to her Instagram and gave an update on her progress. Fortunately, as she and Tami Winder, Colton’s first wife get along so well, she probably has a lot of support right now.

Seeking Sister Wife – Sophie Winder Should Welcome Baby Soon

Most moms who fall pregnant know very well that the third trimester of pregnancy can be tiring. Actually, those with small kids, often find themselves worn out. So, with another wife on hand who understands, that probably brings a major upside to polygamy. Especially, if the wives get along as Sophie and Tami do. The two wives of Colton became firm friends, and that helps them cope with jealousy issues.

News that Seeking Sister Wife star Sophie Winder expects a baby girl arrived in the summer. Well, her due date’s not yet known, but apparently, they expect their little girl in about November. Sophie struggled with fertility issues. So, the news that a second baby comes along made TLC fans feel happy for her. Meanwhile, her son Ephraim is still a toddler and very cute. However, little kids need attention even if mom has a sore back or twinging hips. Still, she’s not alone, as Tami is also around for her.

Seeking Sister Wife Pregnancy Updates – Third Trimester

Sophie Winder took to her Instagram on Friday, September 17. She shared a photo of Ephraim sitting next to her baby bump. Then, in her caption, she wrote, “TMW, you overdid it yesterday, now your hips won’t stay under you and you can’t stand up straight, or bend over without your hip going out.✨” Ouch! That sounds a bit painful and uncomfortable. However, the TLC star isn’t moping about it.

The Seeking Sister Wife star told her fans, “can’t complain too much though, with Ephraim I was on bedrest most of my pregnancy and had much worse physical problems! So this pregnancy has been much better going ♥️.”

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers Third Trimester Update From Sophie Winder

In the comments section, one fan talked about getting plenty of rest. However, she mentioned that she suffers a lot of “sleep regressions right now.” The reason for that is Ephraim who is teething right now.

TLC Fans Send In Love And Support

Fans of Sophie Winder reached out in the comments. One of them said, “Those joints are a little more loose second time around. Just take it easy.” Then, another fan noted, “I think girls sit more IN the hips than boys. Boys are higher up. ( I’m sure this is a wives’ tale 😂).”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with SSW right now. Come back here often for more Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, news, and updates.

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