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Welcome to Plathville – How Moriah Escaped the Plathville Grasp

Welcome to Plathville – How Moriah Escaped the Plathville Grasp RTVSince the beginning Moriah Plath of Welcome to Plathville has been vocal about her desire to see the world but life on the farm was strict and she had to work to escape it.

Fans know that growing up in the Plathville family was a difficult way to grow up.

For Moriah, balancing her parent’s strict views, and demanding expectations, with her own desires, has been incredibly difficult, especially when it comes to her relationships and what she wants to do with her own life.

Welcome to Plathville: Growing Up on the Farm Was Difficult

The show revolves around the Plathville family; parents Kim and Barry Plath and their nine children.

Being a very strict and religious couple the Plaths made growing up on their farm difficult with their children learning little to nothing about the world beyond.

Moriah was the second eldest of the brood and has always been the most vocal about her desire to learn about the world outside of the farm in Cairo, Georgia.

The reality star has been a dependable source of inspiration to her fans since the show began.

She has discussed the difficulties she has endured with her strict upbringing and the freedom she discovered after leaving her unconventional childhood behind.

Moriah has always been close to her brother Ethan’s wife Olivia and the two even traveled together to California.

Welcome to Plathville: Moriah began Expressing Herself

On that trip Moriah said she learned a lot, realizing that she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life on the secluded farm where she had spent her childhood.

She ultimately moved out with her brother Micah in Season 2.

This move helped her to gain a new perspective and she was able to find work and even started working towards getting her GED.

She began expressing herself in the way she dressed and sort of rebelled against her parent’s strictness through it.

Since moving out Moriah has discovered her own style and personality and even gained a boyfriend about a year ago.

Welcome to Plathville – How Moriah Escaped the Plathville Grasp RTV

Public Display

Not surprisingly the new couple are not at all bashful about displaying their affection to one another, publicly.

More recently, Moriah’s relationship with her parents has improves with the couple accepting that their daughter has a life and mind of her own.

The reality TV star recently celebrated a birthday and shared an image on her Instagram page, captioning it, “Thank you to everyone who made this birthday the best one yet!
18 was awesome… 19 will be better!
📸 @maxkall2.0
(The balloons kept trying to tell me I was 91”

A fan commented that she didn’t need makeup and other fans quickly defended her right to choose whether to wear it or not.

So, despite her strict upbringing, it seems Moriah is doing quite well on her own.

You can catch new Season 3 episodes of Welcome to Plathville Tuesdays at 9 PM Central on TLC.

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