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Seeking Sister Wife: Sidian Jones Had a Wife Before Starring on Show, Here’s What We Know

Seeking Sister Wife: Sidian Jones Had a Wife Before Starring on Show, Here’s What We KnowThough he appears trustworthy on the show it seems there is more to Sidian’s past than we previously knew.

We know, from Seeking Sister Wife, that Sidian, 38, is currently in a relationship with Tosha Jones, but it seems that the couple has a past that they’ve kept hidden.

Let’s get into the Seeking Sister Wife’s past and discover who this mysterious first wife is.


Seeking Sister Wife: Long and Troubled Past

Fans were introduced to Sidian and Tosha this year, in Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife, but the two have a long history going back many years before they appeared on the reality tv screen.

Amid a pool of unpopular polygamist families like the Snowdens, accused of domestic abuse, and the Merrifields, who have been having struggles within their marriage, the new couple have stood out as a functional unit.

Appearances aren’t everything though, as we discover, per ScreenRant, that the two have a long and troubled past that actually puts them right in line with the other Seeking Sister Wife cast members.

Seeking Sister Wife: Fans Knew Little Before Tosha’s Mugshot Surfaced

A crucial element of Sidian’s past is his ex-wife.

We’ve seen that, on the show, Sidian and Tosha have done a pretty good job of keeping the ex-wife under wraps, sharing only that Sidian had had another wife before the show.

According to ScreenRant though, the former couple had a messier breakup than Sidian and Tosha had let on.

Sidian explained that he and his ex were originally in a traditional married and had two children, Liliam and Tyrion.

Fans knew little else about the relationship until, in 2016, a mugshot of Tosha surfaced.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ex-Wife Breaks Silence

It was discovered that Tosha, and the mysterious ex-wife, had been arrested at the same time and, naturally, fans assumed that the two must have committed a crime together.

Tracie’s Trendy Show uploaded a video on YouTube where the drama was broken down for fans, and in it, Sidian’s first wife breaks her silence and comes clean.

In the comment section of the video, Sidian’s first wife, Lavandulou Seymour, explains that the two were never actually legally married.

She also set the record straight explaining that the charges that she was arrested on were unrelated to those of Tosha.

Seeking Sister Wife: Sidian Jones Had a Wife Before Starring on Show, Here’s What We Know

Seeking Sister Wife: Show’s Future Still Unclear

Tosha’s charges were related to borrowing a car and not returning it while Lavandulou’s charges were for “petty theft.’

The most shocking thing revealed was that Lavandulou was never OK with Tosha joining the fray.

So, it appears that Lavandulou went through a lot, Sidian’s infidelity to being arrested and, we may never know the full story.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, scheduling for Seeking Sister Wife has been off and it is still unclear if there will be a Season 4 of the show.

We’ll keep you posted but, until then, you can stream the show on fuboTV, Sling TV, DIRECTV, TLC, Spectrum On Demand, Discovery Plus, Discovery+ Amazon Channel.


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