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Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Star Chandler Massey Compares THESE 3 DOOL Stars To ‘Three Stooges!’

Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Star Chandler Massey Compares THESE 3 DOOL Stars To ‘Three Stooges!’Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem ranked as a risky move for the Peacock streaming service.

Could the limited series Days Of Our Lives spin-off succeed in attracting current DOOL fans while providing enough background to welcome new viewers?

We looked at DOOL: Beyond Salem Facebook and Twitter fans for the answer, and it’s an almost unanimous “yes!”

Current Days Of Our Lives viewers seem to appreciate seeing familiar faces of past stars.

And in contrast, new DOOL fans feel fascinated with the opportunity to travel “Beyond Salem” into a world of intrigue, drama, and even romance!

Now one DOOL: Beyond Salem star, Chandler Massey, has taken time to offer his unique perspective on the soap opera. Find out more below.

Chandler Massey Goes ‘Beyond Salem’ With ‘3 Stooges’

Since “Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem” began streaming on Peacock, various returning DOOL alum have delighted fans by revealing their views on the spin-off.

For example, Lisa Rinna recently compared Beyond Salem to the film classic, The Maltese Falcon!

But Chandler Massey, while not rebuking Rinna for that unusual comparison, just offered a VERY different viewpoint.

The Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem actor, who has returned to his role as Will Horton, believes three DOOL stars parallel the Three Stooges.

Massey admitted to that analysis when he recently chatted with the Soap Opera Network.

And the actor charmingly included himself in the trio of “stooges.”

“Will, Sonny, and Chad are sort of like… either the three musketeers or the three stooges, I’m not sure which one,” teased the actor.

Pointing out how Chad visiting Phoenix plays a pivotal role in the “Beyond Salem” plot, Massey also joked about the main storyline.

That central plot focuses on the Alamainian Peacock and its stolen jewels.

The “Beyond Salem” actor joked about how the writers named the precious artifact after the Peacock streaming service.

“I’m actually surprised” anyone would notice that,” mocked Massey.

Chandler Massey Reacts To ‘Beyond Salem’ Opportunity

But although Chandler joked about his fellow cast mates and the plot, he got serious about how he viewed the opportunity to return to DOOL via the spin-off.

Massey received the offer from Days Of Our Lives co-executive producer Albert Alarr.

And as soon as the actor learned about the DOOL spin-off plans, Chandler admitted “they didn’t have to entice me very hard.”

As a result of his previous experience on the show, Massey also confessed he’d never envisioned a spin-off.

But getting the word directly from the co-executive producer made it a reality.

“I just got a call from Albert and he said they’re working on a spinoff for Peacock. I thought, ‘Holy crap!’ That’s the one bingo square that I never thought I’d fill in – ‘Days of our Lives’ getting a spinoff,” gushed Massey.

When the producer asked if the actor would like to return for a starring role, “Yeah!” was the response.
“No [need to spend time] convincing me,” added Chandler. “I was in!

Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Star Chandler Massey Compares THESE 3 DOOL Stars To ‘Three Stooges!’

What’s Next For Chandler Massey?

In addition to the spin-off, Massey currently is filming “Next Stop Christmas.”

This new Hallmark Channel film stars Chandler with “One Life to Live” legend Erika Slezak (Victoria Lord Buchanan).

But that busy schedule might open up enough to allow the actor to return to DOOL in a full-time role in the future.

The five episodes of the DOOL “Beyond Salem” spin-off end Friday, September 10.

And if Massey receives a full-time offer in the future, “Of course, I would want to,” shared the Beyond Salem star.

“No matter what I’m doing I’m always going to seriously consider [returning] because that place is where I grew up and I love the people there.”

Would you like to see Chandler Massey return to DOOL? Tweet us your views and be sure to check back on our site for all the news about Days Of Our Lives and Beyond Salem!

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