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90 Day Fiancé Alum Laura Jallali Was Right About Evelin Marrying Corey

90 Day Fiancé Alum Laura Jallali Was Right About Evelin Marrying Corey90 Day Fiancé fans know that at the end of her season on The Other Way, Laura Jallali and Aladin split very publically, so she went and stayed with Evelin Villegas who dates Corey Rathgeber. Well, it all went wrong and ended up with a lot of tea being spilled. In fact, Laura claimed that Evelin and Corey already married. Now, new spoilers reveal that in fact, they did marry and conned fans all along.

90 Day Fiancé Alum Laura Spills Tea In Hot Live

In the current season of the show, fans see that Evelin and Corey finally plan on tying the knot. Well, Evelin wants a really expensive wedding, and Corey’s worried about money. So, TLC fans think she’s still just using him for his money. Anyway, fans dragged both of them over the wedding arrangements and some of them think that they already married years ago. Meanwhile, others think it’s all fake as Evelin clearly hates the idea of marrying.

Now, flashback to when Aladin dumped Laura Jallali during the 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All. By then, everyone was slamming Laura as fake and over-the-top dramatic. She already claimed that she fell pregnant and it was ectopic. So, labeled and vilified as a liar, Evelin apparently took pity on her. The next thing, Laura popped up in Ecuador but it didn’t take long before things went sour. Both Laura and Evelin went Live at different times with Blogger John Yates and bashed each other.

90 Day Fiancé – Larua Spilled That Evelin And Corey Already Married

The reveal by Laura Jallali that Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber were already married came in December 2019. In her Live with John, Laura claimed that, and later she revealed a copy of an identity book that showed Evelin married. Notably, the original was deleted and only poor screenshot images remain available. Other allegations emerged that Evelin cheated with a man named Richie. Also, Monsters and Critics reminded readers that she alleged that Corey cheated on Evelin.

90 Day Fiancé Alum Laura Jallali Was Right About Evelin Marrying Corey
Laura jallali via @tlcupdates / Instagram retrieved by Monsters And Critics

Unfortunately, during the time of Laura Jallali’s reveal, 90 Day Fiancé fans were sick of her and wrote her off as a lying and vengeful old dragon. Meanwhile, Evelin did her Live and clearly lied (in hindsight), extremely masterfully. In fact, a lot of her haters felt bad for their prior attitudes. Well, now it turns out that Laura Jallali was telling the truth and in fact, they did marry. Mind you, The Hollywood Gossip admits it’s not easy to tie in the timeline of their marriage.

Married Already Reveal

Evelin confessed to her sisters that she and Corey were already married. It came in The Other Way, Season 3, Episode 3 this week. If the show was filmed about eight months ago, that confession would have been in about December 2020 or January 2021. Well, she said they married a year ago, which puts it fairly close to the time that Laura spilled her tea about it.

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