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Big Brother: Claire Rehfuss Evicted by Best Friend, Here’s His Reaction

Big Brother: Claire Rehfuss Evicted by Best Friend, Here’s His ReactionClaire Rehfuss didn’t just get evicted from the CBS show, she got evicted by her best friend in the house.

But, as Parade puts it, betrayal is a natural part of the show and, on Thursday’s live, double-eviction episode that’s how it went down for Claire.

Tiffany Mitchell, who went against her alliance’s plan for everyone to get behind Kyland Young as Head of Household, ended up having to eliminate her best friend, Claire – all without revealing the alliance.

There are certainly many questions that must be in fan’s minds, like; How did it feel when Claire discovered it was her friend who was ejecting her?

Why didn’t she hug anyone on her way out of the house?

Big Brother: She Was My Tightest Ally

According to Claire, she initially felt “shocked,” “blindsided,” and “betrayed.”

She said she was confused, that Tiffany was her “tightest ally,” or so she thought.

The reality star emphasized that she would never have done that to her friend, but she went on to explain that she understood that “coming into this game” everyone was going to have their own agenda and reasons behind it.

And yet, none of this made her feel less betrayed.

Big Brother: “I’ve Always Been Somewhat of an Ambivert”

When asked about the social order of the group and if it affected her gameplay Claire responded saying that though she was always a bit of an “ambivert” she’s also always the loudest in the room.

She said that learning that she wasn’t as social as everyone else took her off guard.

She was surprised at how “overwhelming it was and how many personalities there were.”

The reality star then added that it’s not always a bad thing not being the life of the party, saying that, in the endgame a few members are someone introverted.

Big Brother: Claire Rehfuss Evicted by Best Friend, Here’s His Reaction

Big Brother: No Time to Make Deals and Gather Information

When asked why she chose to keep her nominations the same Claire explained that she really wanted to look out for her friend Tiffany’s HoH week.

“It’s really easy to get caught up in there without your friend’s emotions.”

She added that she hadn’t had time to make deals and gather information and that she wished she had done more of that beforehand.

“It’s hard because you want to keep it a secret if you can.”

The Big Brother contestant said that, ultimately, though she might of done things differently, she didn’t think there was much more she could have done given the situation as it was.

You can catch new episodes of Big Brother Sunday and 7:30 PM and Wednesday at 7:00 PM Central on CBS.

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