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Sister Wives Spoilers: A New Look at Their Income

Sister Wives Spoilers: A New Look at Their IncomeSister Wives spoilers reveal that the Brown family may not be as broke as we all once thought. As they get ready to come back to TLC this fall, things seem to be going all right for them when it comes to money. During the last season of the show, it did seem like the family was struggling with money, but some new information that has come out shows that they are actually doing fine financially.

Money Problems

One of the reasons that some fans think that the Browns are having money problems is because of the back surgery that Christine Brown’s daughter had. It cost around $50,000 and she was practically begging her fans for money on social media right before the surgery. It seemed as if Kody Brown couldn’t help because of his financial woes, but now it looks like they could all be doing all right financially.

Meri Brown is still running her bed and breakfast in Utah and her LulaRoe store and it looks like she is doing pretty well with her money. She is currently on a six-day vacation in Mexico and living her best life. Meanwhile, Christine took some time to go back up to Utah to celebrate at the Octoberfest party. So are they all just faking about being low on funds?

Sister Wives Spoilers: A New Look at Their Income

Their Net Worth

The question on everyone’s mind is how much are the Browns worth. The family has been working on getting back on their feet and with the show starting again, they will be getting paid in the thousands per episode. They are also making Cameos their fans in their spare time. Robyn Brown still has a jewelry story that is worth about 600K and Meri is worth about 400K. Christine is also worth about 400K with her Cameos and law firm.

What about Kody? How much is he worth? It looks like with his job and Cameos, he is worth about 800K. It seems that they are doing all right financially these days.

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