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Lisa Rinna Compares ‘Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem’ To ‘The Maltese Falcon’: Here’s Why!

Lisa Rinna Compares ‘Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem’ To ‘The Maltese Falcon’: Here’s Why!The Days Of Our Lives spin-off, “Beyond Salem,” just began streaming on the Peacock network. 

And beginning with that first episode of five comprising the spin-off, “Beyond Salem” delights current and past DOOL fans by welcoming some familiar faces.

Lisa Rinna, for instance, returns to her role as Billie Reed, a character she portrayed since 1992.

So what does this DOOL alum and Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star really think about “Beyond Salem”?

Find out why Rinna believes her soap opera spin-off deserves comparison to the classic film, “The Maltese Falcon,” below. 

Lisa Rinna Reflects On Days Of Our Lives

From her role on “Real Housewives” to turning her passion for sweaters into a popular QVC collection, Lisa has sought variety in her career.

But as Rinna looks at her life, she told the Today show that she holds “a special place in my heart for Billie Reed.”

And the “Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem” star took that confession one step further.

“I love her probably — I’m closer to her than any character I’ve ever played,” gushed Lisa. 

As for the opportunity to take a lead role on the DOOL spin-off, Rinna enjoyed the opportunity to return to her character “and revisit her.”

Lisa Rinna Compares ‘DOOL: Beyond Salem’ To THIS Classic Film!

Fans of classic films who also watch “Days Of Our Lives” may not see a resemblance.

But Lisa Rinna insists that the plot of “DOOL: Beyond Salem” deserves comparison to the highly regarded film classic, “The Maltese Falcon.”

(Let’s take a moment to allow classic film fans to choke on their popcorn… )

Umm, exactly how does ISA agent Billie and a cast of current and past DOOL characters trotting around the globe to save Salem by finding stolen jewels compare to “The Maltese Falcon”?

Rinna attempted to explain her reasoning to Deadline.

“It’s a little bit like the Maltese Falcon except that we’re looking for the Alamanian Peacock,” said Lisa. 

Umm, really?

Does ‘Dool: Beyond Salem’ REALLY Compare To ‘Maltese Falcon’?!

Just to clarify, the film classic “Maltese Falcon” stars Humphrey Bogart as detective Sam Spade. 

When a gorgeous woman (played by Mary Astor) begs Sam to take a case, Sam agrees.

But that decision sparks all sorts of drama, with Spade’s partner getting murdered!

Enter a man played by Peter Lorre who insists that Sam find an extremely valuable statue.

And it doesn’t take Spade long before he decides he has no choice but to seek the jewel-bedazzled Maltese falcon.

In contrast, “Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem” stars Lisa Rinna as ISA Billie Reed. (Sorry, Rinna, but your acting skills don’t exactly measure up to Humphrey Bogart!)

As for the plot?

“DOOL: Beyond Salem” does indeed involve a search for precious jewels. But in contrast to the bejeweled Maltese Falcon, the Alamanian Peacock has lost its jewels.

Lisa Rinna Compares ‘Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem’ To ‘The Maltese Falcon’: Here’s Why!

As a result, the search involves hunting for six priceless gems that have resurfaced throughout the world.

Lisa Rinna Admits To Humorous Side Of ‘Beyond Salem’

Despite Rinna’s insistence on comparing her soap opera spin-off to a classic film, she did admit to the humorous side of the mystery.

“There’s a lot of wink-wink in this with bringing back past characters. I mean, it’s the funniest thing that Billie is working for the ISA. There’s a lot of tongue and cheek and I think the audience is in for a great ride,” she promised.

Watch the trailer below to see if you agree!

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