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Seeking Sister Wife: Why Did Kimberley Leave The Winders?

Seeking Sister Wife: Why Did Kimberley Leave The Winders?Seeking Sister Wife fans seemed to warm toward the Winder family in Season 3 of the TLC show. However, right towards the end of the season, they stopped appearing. In fact, some fans wondered if TLC fired them, or if they quit. Neither of that happened, but Kimberley left, so their story ended slightly earlier than the others. What happened between them?

Seeking Sister Wife The Winder Family

As with all the couples on the show, fans often wonder how the wives cope with jealousy.  So, fans seemed a bit surprised that Colton Winder’s two wives, Tami and Sophie seemed to get along okay. Recently, they opened up about it in their podcast and it turned out that the way forward is to become really close friends. So, they talk about everything. So, was it a jealousy issue that saw Kimberly leave the family?

Many Seeking Sister Wife fans liked that the Winders seemed authentic and faith-based. Whereas, the other couples seemed rather more interested in either rushing to the bedroom, or bringing in a child-minder. Clean-cut, wholesome, and slow to rush things, it seemed odd that they didn’t work things out with Kimberley. Actually, they really seemed to like her a lot.

Seeking Sister Wife Kimberley Left – So Why?

TLC fans know that Colton, Tami, and Sophie are very religious and they practice polygamy because of their faith. TV Shows Ace reported that the rejection of Kimberly might very well be tied to differences in faith. Plus, the Winder family seemed very family-focused. In fact, Colton also worried about how she might impact their family. Bear in mind, they have two kids, Sadi and Ephraim. Actually, Colton seemed almost uncomfortable about exploring the option of a third wife.

Seeking Sister Wife: Why Did Kimberley Leave The Winders?

Linda Antwi of The Melanated Way spoke with the Seeking Sister Wife family, and it turned out that faith and family lay at bottom of their hesitancy. While they liked Kimberley as a person, her ideas didn’t fit in with the whole concept of that. Apparently, Sophie said they like her and they remain friends. However, they didn’t feel she was a good fit as part of the family.

Colton Speaks About Kimberely

Speaking with the Melanated Way, Sophie Winder said, “at the end of the day, we just didn’t have that feeling of knowing that she was supposed to be a part of our family,” Additionally, Colton confirmed that they all felt the fit wasn’t right.

Actually, some fans feared that they might not bring the family back on a new season. Well, TLC didn’t yet announce Season 4. However, the family is open to considering another wife in the future.

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