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Duggar Family Spoilers: Josh Duggar Has Been Jim Bob’s Dirty Little Secret For Years

Counting On Spoilers: Josh Duggar Is Blaming Donald Trump For A Surprising ReasonDuggar Family Spoilers suggest that Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar continue to stand by their son Josh Duggar. However, with new evidence coming to light, it seems Jim Bob has been covering for Josh longer than most people think.

Fans Know Josh’s Published History

Long-time Duggar fans are aware of Josh’s shady past. Josh assaulted a porn star. Josh also cheated on his wife, Anna Duggar, and 19 Kids and Counting was canceled when it was revealed that Josh molested his sisters when he was fourteen. Josh is far from being the upstanding citizen that fans thought he was from the start. What other crimes have been hidden from the fans and the public?

Katie Joy Reveals New Information

Without A Crystal Balls’ author, Katie Joy tweeted some recently released information. Katie Joy’s tweet reads, “A court filing in Federal District Court in Arkansas states that Government workers, the county & city Josh Duggar lives in, believes he was at ONE POINT on the S*X OFFENDER REGISTRY. They state that this would mean his crimes against his sisters would have been public for years.”

Jim Bob Plans A Coverup

Reports reveal that the Duggar Family patriarch plans to once again cover up Josh’s crimes. The source reveals that “Jim Bob always wants to cover things up. Jim Bob won’t discuss the scandal because it is bad for business. “ Jim Bob and Michelle continue to stand by Josh regardless of the evidence against him. Based on this new evidence, it seems that Josh’s family has covered for him for years. Josh has been caught up in a few scandals but it leads fans to wonder how many there are that fans don’t know about.

After all, it took years for his abuse of his sisters to come out even though he should have been registered as a sex offender back then. Presently, Josh’s child pornography case is scheduled for November 30, 2021. However, it remains to be seen if his legal team can pull off another postponement or try to settle this another way.


It has also been reported that Jim Bob and Michelle have blamed Josh’s wife for his troubles even though they started in his teens. However, some reports suggest that the Duggar Family is raising Josh’s seven kids while Anna stays with him at his guardian’s home. Other reports have surfaced suggesting that Josh’s rehab stint was nothing more than a cover-up as well. Is it time for Josh to be held accountable? Should Josh ever be allowed around his children again? Perhaps the November court date will answer some of these burning questions and seal Duggar’s fate.

Counting On Spoilers: Josh Duggar Is Blaming Donald Trump For A Surprising Reason

New Lawsuit

Jill, Jessa, Joy & Jinger are suing the city, county, and multiple government workers for releasing a redacted police report into Josh’s molestation of them. However, the defendants filed a response to a motion stating they believe Josh was placed

Jill, Jessa, Joy & Jinger are suing the city, county, and multiple gover…
@withoutacrystalball posted on their Instagram profile: “Jill, Jessa, Joy & Jinger are suing the city, county, a…

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