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Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown is Stealing

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown is StealingSister Wives spoilers reveal that Christine Bronw could be stealing from her son Paedon Brown. He called his mom out on Instagram as soon as he noticed it too. Of course, her fans thought that they were just having some playful chatting, but other fans feel like he called her out on something big.

What Did She Steal?

On Christine’s last Instagram picture, her fans thought she looked stunning. She was in her workout clothes that consisted of leggings and a black, white, and purple shirt. The shirt was from the movie Labyrinth and she looked great! She is smiling so big in the picture and her fans told her that she was radiating with happiness. There was just one thing about the picture that really got to Paedon.

Christine captioned the picture, “Probably my favorite workout outfit I’ve ever worn. Because hey, LABYRINTH!” As soon as Paedon saw this picture, he immediately started in on his mother. He replied, “That’s still my shirt, mom.” Of course, some of Christine’s fans called him out for his comment too.

Christine’s Fans React

Christin’s fans were quick to laugh at Paedon’s reply and then one of them chimed in, “Paedon, ha ha ha! I love it! Sharing clothes with mom, getting pedicures, amazing son!” Many other fans sent laughing emojis his way in response to his comments.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown is Stealing

It was truly funny to see Paedon call his mom out like this and we can tell that her fans really love to see them with this humorous banter. Many of her fans felt like it made her feel more real with this back and forth between her and Paedon.

If you want to see this banter, you can follow Christine on her Instagram account. Sometimes, we will see her children chiming in too. It was so funny to see how Paedon reacting to his mother wearing his clothes and it would be great to see more of this.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Sister Wives right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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