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The Little Couple Spoilers: Is The Show Canceled?

The Little Couple Spoilers: Is The Show Canceled?The Little Couple spoilers reveal that fans of the show are concerned that the show could be canceled. There have not been any new episodes in over two years and it looks like there could be a lawsuit between TLC and Jen Arnold and Bill Klein. Is this the reason for no new episodes?

Recent Photos

In the most recent photos on Jen’s Instagram, it looks as if the family went to Bar Harbor, Maine. The couple was posed with their children on the beach and really looked to be having a great time. Jen captioned the photo, “Bye Bye Bar Harbor, thank you for a great time, memories, and family time.” Fans of the Little Couple were happy to see them getting away and enjoying a family vacation.

Not only were the comments about how lucky they were to finally get a vacation, but fans were curious where the show has been and if we would ever get to see another season. There were also many comments about the kids and how they have gotten so big in the last two years. It must have been hard for Jen not to say anything about the show because fans had a lot of questions.

The Lawsuit

Many fans of the show haven’t heard about the lawsuit that the family has with the producers of the Little Couple. In July of this year, Jen and Bill had a three-year lawsuit, that was settled, about how the producers wanted to reclaim the intellectual property of the show. There were also rumors about how the producers had embezzled money as well. This seems like quite the sticky situation.

The Little Couple Spoilers: Is The Show Canceled?

As much as they didn’t want to get involved, Jen and Bill did. They felt they were “entitled to a portion of LMNO’s compensation in the Little People.” From the records that have been released, it seems that the lawsuit was successful with the mediation and the whole settlement.

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