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90 Day Fiance Star Yara Zaya Safely Evacuated From New Orleans

90 Day Fiance Star Yara Zaya Safely Evacuated From New Orleans90 Day Fiance star Yara Zaya moved out of NOLA into the suburbs of New Orleans. Well, with Hurricane Ida slamming the city, some fans wondered if she was okay. Fortunately, she told them that they evacuated. Additionally, Jovis Dufren’s mom Gwen is also okay. So, where did they go to find shelter from the storm?

90 Day Fiance Stars Yara Zaya And Jovi Got Out Of New Orleans

Hurricane Ida tracked straight into New Orleans and even worked itself into an upgrade. Whether a 4 or a 5 category storm, it’s likely to be devastating. Jovi and Yara talked about the hurricane on their Instagram accounts this weekend. Jovi asked for prayers for their family and friends and others in the city. Meanwhile, Yara went online and told her fans that the family is safe. And, the good news is that Gwen is okay as well.

90 Day Fiance fans particularly like Gwen, Jovi’s mom. In fact, some fans think she’s the best mom to ever hit the franchise. Recall, initially, she thought that Yara just wanted a green card. So, she confessed she misjudged her. A few hitches happened over their different styles of parenting. However, in time, she realized she was wrong and all seems amicable right now. Fans also adore their little girl Mylah. So, they felt relieved to hear they evacuated ahead of Ida making landfall.

Where Did The 90 Day Fiance Stars Go?

When Yara shared about evacuating, she tagged her photo as taken in Downtown Dallas, Texas. In her caption, she told her TLC fans, “we evacuated. 😨.” Elaborating, she thanked all those who asked after their safety. Additionally, she said, “Mrs. Gwen is good too, she’s safe.” Still, Yara thinks of those who couldn’t evacuate or who opted to ride out the hurricane in New Orleans. 

90 Day Fiance Star Yara Zaya Safely Evacuated From New Orleans

Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiance star Jovi also talked about it. In his post, he seemed more concerned about the residents of his favorite city. Plus, he told fans, “We have safely evacuated to Dallas, and we are out of harms way.” Well, Dallas, Texas seems to be okay according to weather.com‘s forecast for this week. In fact, TLC fans who live in Dallas seemed happy that they chose their city as their temporary home.

Fans React To The News

In the comments section of Yara’s post, one fan wrote, “Ahh so glad Dallas is offering you a safe haven! I love it here!” Then, another fan wrote, “We really were also worried about Mrs. Gwen.” Meanwhile, on Jovi’s post about it, fellow TC star, Darcey Silva told him that she will pray for the people living in New Orleans.

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