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Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Isn’t Waiting For Kody To Do Repairs Anymore

Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Isn’t Waiting For Kody To Do Repairs AnymoreSister Wives Spoilers suggest that Janelle Brown isn’t waiting for Kody when she needs RV repairs. Kody Brown is spread thin when it comes to dealing with his wives. Since Kody isn’t readily available, Janelle came pick of the phone and call for help.

The Family Is Separated

The Sister Wives have not lived close to each other since the cul de sac in Vegas. After buying the Coyote Pass property, no one has even started to build a house there. Janelle’s rental home sold some time ago. Christine Brown’s house was recently report to be up for sale. Meri Brown has moved to her bed and breakfast after her mother’s death.

Kody and Robyn still have their home that is listed at over $800,000 and they have been behind on the taxes recently too. Kody doesn’t have time to get to everything each wife needs done, and Janelle has realized it is much more efficient to just call a repair man.

Janelle Loves The RV Life

Sister Wives Start Janelle loves the RV life but occasionally things go wrong. Fans believe that the family is broke and that is why Janelle is living in the RV. However, Janelle is making the most of this life and her time at Coyote Pass. Janelle often posts updates on her social media, recently even commenting that it is good that the boys still live in town so one of them can pick up their sister from school if the need arises.

Recently Janelle posted about having a house guest, meaning her son Gabe Brown’s dog. On one of her trips to town, Janelle posted about picking up a shower head that Kody would need to install. However, it seems that Janelle had to reach out to someone else to get the job done.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Isn’t Waiting For Kody To Do Repairs Anymore

Just A Phone Call Away

Fans may joke about Kody’s honey do list, but Janelle is making no efforts to sit around and wait for him to come around. Janelle took the time to praise her local repair man on Instagram after contacting him for help recently. Janelle states that when she first announced her adventure, several people gave her the advice to find a good repair man.

Happily, Janelle states she has found a man who “can do it all.” Anyone who has used an RV knows that the electrical capacity and other minor details leave a lot to be desired. However, Janelle says her repair man has increased her electrical capacity as well as minor repairs.

It seems that Kody doesn’t have his honey do list anymore because Janelle has called for reinforcements. At this rate, is Janelle going to join Meri Brown in moving away from the family unit? Does Janelle miss Kody being around to do that little things? Does Janelle reaching out for help surprise anyone at this point?

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