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Welcome To Plathville Star Moriah Plath Dragged On Her Birthday

Welcome To Plathville Star Moriah Plath Dragged On Her BirthdayWelcome To Plathville fans know that Moriah Plath and her siblings grew up in a very strict environment. Overprotected by their mom Kim, many fans feel she is to blame for Micah and Moriah moving out, But that didn’t stop them from dragging Moriah on her birthday. However, some of them feel that sheltering Moriah too much caused her excesses when it comes to style and fashion.

Welcome To Plathville Star Moriah Plath Turns 19

Some TLC fans believe that the show can’t be real. In fact, some hearty skepticism comes from some fans. They disbelieve the claim that all the kids grew up isolated on a small farm with no access to technology. The storyline revealed they couldn’t eat sweet things. In fact, Ethan, who married Olivia was a full adult before he even tasted a coke. Homeschooled, all of the kids seem a bit odd. In fact, last season, fans saw that Lydia, 17, spent her time hanging in a tiny creepy prayer closet.

Welcome To Plathville stars Moriah Plath, Micah, and Olivia think that fans see the real deal. So, that made it no huge surprise that Ethan and Olivia go through issues with their own marriage now. Additionally, if it’s completely true then no wonder Moriah let things rip when she skipped out of the family home in Season 2. Now she turned 19 years old, some fans dragged her, but others seemed more inclined to blame Kim.

Welcome To Plathville Morah Dragged For Makeup

On Saturday, August 28, Moriah Plath shared a photo of herself on her 19th birthday. She wore a skimpy black outfit and a lot of makeup. Unfortunately, she received fewer best wishes than compliments. Some folk tried to be nice to her and gently pointed out that she really goes over the top with heaps of face gunk. However, social media being what it is, some people just slapped at her.

Welcome To Plathville Star Moriah Plath Dragged On Her Birthday

Other Welcome To Plathville fans laid the blame for Moriah’s heavy makeup on Kim. One fan wrote, “I adore you, but…people, this is what happens when you forbid your kids to wear makeup. Moriah, this is WAY too extreme! Lighten the look girl. You are way [too] pretty to wear a makeup mask.” Certainly, others diverted criticism toward the ultra-strict mom as well. One of them noted, “I understand that you weren’t allowed to wear makeup your whole life but you don’t need that much.”

Is Her Makeup Too Excessive?

Moriah Plath certainly didn’t stint on her makeup for her birthday. However, is this critic taking it a bit far? “I like you but you look 50 with that makeup just saying.” Meanwhile, sympathetic fans just told the critics to leave her alone, at least on her birthday.

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