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Seeking Sister Wife: Sophie And Tami Winder Open Up About Jealousy

Seeking Sister Wife: Sophie And Tami Winder Open Up About JealousySeeking Sister Wife fans seem to like the Winder family a lot and Sophie started a vlog on YouTube. Well, fans heard that Tami probably wouldn’t feature on it all that often. She seems a bit more private than Sophie, the second wife of Colton Winder. However, this week, she joined Sophie and they talked about jealousy in a polygamous marriage.

Seeking Sister Wife Star Sophie Winder And The YouTube Channel

TLC fans seemed very happy when they heard that Sophie started her podcast. It came soon after the last season ended.  A rather fun clip showed them all enjoying processing peaches. Plus, a couple of Q&A sessions also came along. Additionally, sprinkled here and there Sophie talked about her fertility issues and her current pregnancy.

The news that Seeking Sister Wife star Sophie Winder expects her second child might be part of a new season on TLC. However, a new season hasn’t yet been announced. Sophie said that this pregnancy isn’t all that easy for her. However, it won’t be long until Ephraim has another sibling. He already has his half-sister, Sadie, by Tami, Sophie’s second child should arrive in November this year.

Seeking Sister Wife Jealousy In Polygamy

Fans of Sister Wives can’t get their heads around sharing one man with other women. Actually, Christine Brown has strong problems with the issue of jealousy. Then they see that sort of thing manifest in Sister Wife as well. So, it’s an interesting topic for TLC fans. This week, Tami and Sophie talked about finances, and family decisions as well as about jealousy. On the show, fans seldom see either of Colton Winder’s wives acting jealous, but it is an issue.

Seeking Sister Wife Sophie And Tami Winder Open Up About Jealousy

Seeking Sister Wife fans heard from Sophie and Tami about the way they cope with jealousy. The new podcast dropped on Friday, August 27. Tami explained that she had some issues with it before Colton married Sophie. She said, “I wasn’t sure what this was gonna look like.” However, she decided to just try and make it work, come what may. Actually, initially, she felt suspicious of Sophie’s motives. Five months after they married, Tami asked Colton, “what’s Sophie’s angle?” And he said, “there is no angle. She just wants to be here.”

Tami On Accepting Another Woman

Once she realized that Sophie was in it for the long haul, they opened up and started talking a lot. Talking helps them a lot and they learned to trust each other. One major point is that they “cut Colton out the middle,” so they can they communicate directly with each other. Of course, the fact that they have faith and believe polygamy is the right thing helps a lot as well.

Sophie pointed out that they became best friends so they can open up and chat about almost anything. And that seems to be the secret to coping with jealously.

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