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Sister Wives: Paedon Brown Cracks Up Fans On Christine’s Instagram

Sister Wives: Paedon Brown Cracks Up Fans On Christine’s InstagramSister Wives fans like Paedon Brown a lot. While they seldom see him on the TLC show, he seems like a gentle giant. Additionally, he comes over as a loyal friend, a loyal son, and he has a major sense of humor. He’s the third child of Kody and Christine Brown. They raised six kids altogether: Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Ysabel, Gwendolyn, and Truely. Now he cracked up TLC fans when he commented on a post his mom made this week.

Sister Wives Fans Hear From Paedon Brown On Social Media

Paedon Brown doesn’t post much on his own Instagram, but he often likes and comments on other posts by the family. However, he certainly shares more than Aspyn who dropped social media altogether. Additionally, Robyn Brown is conspicuous in her absence from Instagram and Twitter. At least until the show airs, then she briefly resurfaces to comments about “Sobbin’ Robyn.”

Sister Wives fans heard from Christine Brown that she recently returned to Flagstaff with Truely. She’d gone on a road trip to take Ysabel to Maddie Brown’s place in North Carolina. Actually, she starts college there. The news about college came from Ysabel and Maddie, and Paedon said how much he misses seeing his younger sister. The young man who once said he’d be an Army man for life also shared some photos of himself with his cute niece, Avalon, Mykelti’s firstborn.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Shares A New Post

On Wednesday, August 25, Christine took to her Instagram and shared a photo taken at her house in Flagstaff. Fans heard that she listed it on the market. However, it looks like she didn’t get a buyer yet. Additionally, she still hasn’t relocated to Utah despite rumors that she fled from Kody. Her photo showed her on the deck with the mountains in the background.

Sister Wives Paedon Brown Cracks Up Fans On Christines Instagram

The Sister Wives star clearly loves that shirt. She wrote, “Probably my favorite work out outfit I’ve ever worn. Because hey, LABYRINTH!!However, Paedon Brown claimed that it actually belongs to him. In the comments, he wrote, “That’s still my shirt mom😂😂😂.” Well, that cracked up TLC fans. One of them said, “haha I love it!! Sharing clothes with mom, getting pedicures, amazing son!” Meanwhile, other fans tagged Paedon with emojis like this: 😂😂😂.

Fans Need That Shirt

Fans who love the movie said they really want that shirt. One of them told Christine, “Love the movie and I need that shirt.” Well, perhaps they can ask Paedon Brown as he apparently owns it: or did once upon a time! We’re betting that Christine keeps it forever as it’s her favorite now. Still, fans think he seems like a nice young man, so he probably just lets her keep it.

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