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Life After Lockup Season 3 Premieres Soon – Meet The Cast

Life After Lockup Season 3 Premieres Soon – Meet The CastLife After Lockup Season 3 follows close on the heels of Love After Lockup that just wrapped the final episode. Well, if you can’t get enough of it, you only need to wait until August 27 for more on WEtv. The cast brings some familiar faces, so who are they? What spoilers came out for the show so far? Read on to find out.

Life After Lockup Season 3 Lacey And Shane Return

Lacey and Shane married in Season 2 of Love After Lockup. You might recall that couple struggled to have a child and went for IVF treatment. Expecting triplets, only one of the embryos survived. So, now they raise their baby girl. However, in the new season, being a mom means that Lacey loses some income. So, expect some stressful moments for the couple. Bear in mind that Shane left his job, and he’s supposed to help with parenting. However, that seems very half-hearted.

Life After Lockup Season 3 also brings back Brittany And Marcelino Santiago. Considered the success story of the franchise, things are still good between them. However, it wouldn’t be the same without some drama.

Life After Lockup Season 3 Premieres Soon Meet The Cast

These days, Brittany decides that she tries giving back to her past experiences by opening a halfway house and counseling as a peer. However, they only just moved into their new home so it might strain their income. Additonally, is it such a good idea to hang with felons?

Life After Lockup – Lisa and Stan And Britney And Ray

Lisa and Stan also feature in the show. Cheatsheet reminded readers that Stan’s a millionaire. The couple met on a “sugar daddy” website. Now that she’s free from prison, plenty of drama comes along as she suspects his finances might be different from what she expected. Actually, their relationship seems based on little more than rumpy-pumpy, so it will be getting to see how it turns out. Expect some secrets from both of them.

Life After Lockup couple Britney and Ray clash as he still wants to just enjoy life outside of prison. However, she’s got plenty of demands and wants to tie the knot sooner rather than later. Come, be a daddy, get, a job, hurry up, but it seems he’s slow on the uptake. So, fans will wonder if they ever settle down into wedded bliss.

Daonte and Nicolle And Amber and Puppy

Daonte and Nicolle seem like such an unlikely couple. WEtv fans just saw a disaster in the making on Love After Lockup. Actually, they bring a lot of drama, and you can bet it’s not anywhere near resolved yet. Spoilers reveal that the couple runs into trouble as she wants the best of both worlds. While she wants Daonte, she also wants her girlfriend from prison, Tia in her life.

Reality TV Fanatics reported that fans of Life After Lockup also see problems for Amber and Puppy. Well, throwing four cons together in the mix might not bode well for them. Puppy split and Amber fears she landed up behind bars again. Hunting down Puppy complicates life as both of them move on with new boyfriends. However as they all have a history behind bars, they might be tempted to return to a life of crime.

Shawn, Sara, and Destinie Plus Kristianna and John

The Shawn and Sara and Destinie love triangle gets comlex. Actually, they never really resolve much when that happens. Shawn decides that this time around, he wants to settle for Sara. Thinking that it’s true love, he feels ready to walk away from his family and his job. It looks like he sacrifices a lot in anticipation of Sara’s release. However, experienced in telling lies to Destinie, he’s got something to worry about, After all, those lies might come back and bite him. In fact, he ends up trying to juggle both women and that’s no easy feat.

Life After Lockup Season 3 also brings Kristianna and John. They now decide on a proper Christian wedding, rather than his idea of one in a truck and an ill-fitting dress. Kristianna seems determined to make the best of it and hunts for a nice venue. However, John might be tempted to meddle in it all, and her sister Terra might spoil things. Even the wedding day brings past issues to light.

Remember to check back with us often for more news, updates, and spoilers about Life After Lockup Season 3 on WEtv.

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