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Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown’s Social Media Absence

Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown’s Social Media AbsenceSister Wives spoilers reveal that Robyn Brown could be ready to talk about how she has been taking a very long break from social media. All of the wives have quite a presence on social media and most of them get a lot of backlash for pretty much anything that they do. Robyn is no different, but apparently, the criticism that she has received made her disappear from social media altogether.

Robyn Can’t Take It

Part of being a reality show star means that you will constantly get hate mail and fans of the show are never happy with anything you do. This seems to be why Robyn bailed on social media. She was called “Sobbin Robyn” by many viewers and this eventually got the best of her.

Robyn’s long vacation from social media has been just the relief she needed. We have seen that Kody Brown, her husband, has done nothing but make her his top priority and the other three wives have been affected by this brutally. Meri and Christine Brown continue to talk about moving back to Utah because of how he treats them.

Meri Gets the Sympathy

As for the other wives, Meri gets a lot of sympathy when she posts on social media and she does it often. She will post cryptic quotes and memes and her fans think that she is telling fans that she is leaving Kody. When Christine posts, she gets a lot of praise for being such a strong woman and mother.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown’s Social Media Absence

Robyn’s posts, however, never really got anything except hate. This is why many fans think that she has bailed on social media. If she can’t take the contant flow of hate and criticism, there is no other way to escape it. One example of the hate she gets can be seen here. One fan wrote on her Instagram, “I think you’re the one that’s ruined the family. Never liked you at all. You are a pest. Manipulative, selfish, and cunning. An attention-seeking dog.”

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