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Big Brother 23: COVID-19 Cases Reported But The Show Continues

Big Brother 23: COVID-19 Cases Reported But The Show ContinuesBig Brother 23 already saw one person leave the set because of COVID-19. Actually, Christie Valdiserri never made it to the premiere. And yet, with nine new cases reported, the CBS show will go on. How does that work out? After all, health and safety precautions seem quite strict on TV sets in 2021.

Big Brother 23 Coronavirus Shouldn’t Impact The Show

The fun part about the show is that people settle for their faves and then, they often leave. The changing circumstances keep the audience and the competitors on their toes all the time. For example, Frenchie went on the show full of confidence. In fact, his initial strategy seemed promising. However, he ended up evicted rather quickly after some compromising play.

Big Brother 23 fans know that Kyland Young probably drew a heartfelt sigh of relief after Frenchie left. Recall, Frenchie put him on his most-wanted-out person list. So, he remains a very influential voice on the show in Week 7. However, at least Frenchie didn’t leave because of the coronavirus. And so far, Kyland Young escaped that as well. However, might the case load still see more people go home before their time? It seems pretty certain that the show goes on despite that possibility.

Big Brother 23 Gets Nine COVID-19 Cases Reported

Deadline reported that nine cases of COVID -19 were reported this month. Not only that but they were “tracked to Stage 18 of the CBS Studio Center in Studio City.” Apparently, the cases shouldn’t actually affect the show itself. After all, the production team consists of a total of about five hundred people altogether. Fortunately, so far, the cases are related to the crew rather than the cast. Luckily, it seems that none of the people with the virus interacted directly with the contestants.

Big Brother 23: COVID-19 Cases Reported But The Show Continues

Those Big Brother 23 crew members with the virus seem okay. In fact, most of them were quarantined and then tested negative. Bear in mind, despite all precautions, if the infections hit the actual cast, then it might be a very different story. However, for now, the show goes on amidst the most stringent precautions possible.

Mandatory Vaccinations?

It’s not clear that the production company for the show, Fly on the Wall, applied mandatory vaccinations for the crew. However, The New York Post pointed out that “with new COVID-19 guidelines, Hollywood producers will now be required to mandate vaccines for the cast and crew working in close proximity to actors.

Potentially in time, with all the variants, more reality TV shows might insist on it. After all, safety is a top priority for the hard-hit industry. Apparently, Netflix already declared that they adopt a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy.

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