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Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Confirms Return To Flagstaff From NC

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Confirms Return To Flagstaff From NCSister Wives star Christine Brown keeps fans guessing as to her situation with Kody in Flagstaff. Recall, in the last season on TLC, she told him she wanted to return to Utah. Then, news came that she listed her home on the market. Now that Ysabel moved to NC to stay with Maddie Brown Brush, fans wondered if her mom also moved there. Well, she just cleared that up and she flies back home to Flagstaff.

Sister Wives – Ysabel, The Daughter Of Christine Brown Graduated

Christine Brown proudly told her TLC fans that Ysabel graduated from high school this year. Fans recall her from the show as over the years, the young star struggled with scoliosis or curvature of the spine. For a long time, she had to strap into an uncomfortable brace. However, she finally went for surgery and it seems she hasn’t looked back. Now, her mind looks to the future and she attends college.

Just before fans of Sister Wives heard about Ysabel attending college in North Carolina, they heard that Christine Brown listed her Flagstaff home for sale. Asking $725k for it, she stands to make a nice profit. However, fans heard from Janelle that rentals aren’t easy to come by, So, they wondered if Christine plans on leaving Flagstaff and Kody. When she went on a road trip, some fans thought she, Ysabel, and Truely possibly went to Utah.

Sister Wives Fans Wondered If NC Would Become Home

The news that Christine Brown took a road trip to drop off Ysabel in NC came via Maddie Brown Brush and Ysabel on Instagram. Maddie said that Ysabel stays with her while she attends college. Meanwhile, Ysabel said that she feels so excited about her future and confirmed she attends college there, Her mom also shared some photos of Truely and Ysabel in North Carolina.

Sister Wives fans asked if Christine also moved to NC and plans on staying there. In fact, some outlets reported that she and her daughter fled Flagstaff and Kody. However, it seems that all the speculation is just related to rumors. While she never answered her TLC fans about whether they all moved to NC, a new post notes that she and Truely fly back home to Flagstaff.

Flight Back To Flagstaff Delayed

On August 17, Christine Brown shared a photo of herself with Ysabel and Truely at a salon. She said, “Mine and Truely’s flight home got canceled so Ysabel met us and we spontaneously got a pedicure.”

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Confirms Return To Flagstaff From NC

Next, she told her fans, “Best. Decision. Ever. What else would we do? Wait in a hotel? Our toes will be glamorous on our flight home tomorrow.

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