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7 Little Johnstons Amber Reveals Cutest Kindergarten Throwback Pics

7 Little Johnstons Amber Reveals Cutest Kindergarten Throwback Pics7 Little Johnstons fans recently saw that the older kids moved out of Amber and Trent’s home. Well, that seemed hard to swallow as TLC fans followed their journey through life for a long time. Now, Amber shared some photos from before the debut of the show and stole the hearts of fans as they went right back to kindergarten.

7 Little Johnstons Parents Amber And Trent Got Tough On The Kids

The last couple of seasons of the TLC show brought some criticism from fans. Anna wanted to move out but Amber felt she wasn’t ready for it. So, a lot of tears and drama came about that. However, it was okay for Jonah and Elizabeth to go. In fact, in the previous season, Trent and Amber gave Jonah an ultimatum and told him to find somewhere else to live. Plus, they insisted that he looked for a real job so he can learn the value of hard work.

7 Little Johnstons Season 9 drew to a close with Liz moving into her new home. Meanwhile, Anna still never got her opportunity to move out. However, in real life, things looked very different, After the show, the family enjoyed a beach vacation. All smiles and happiness, it seemed like some parts of the show were edited for a lot of drama. It seemed that as the kids grew up, more drama came, so fans saw fewer cute scenes of the kids. Well, fans just got massive doses of cuteness from Amber.

Cuteness Returns In Throwback Pics

This weekend, Amber took to her Instagram and shared photos of each of them. All in back and white, one photo revealed Trent. Another one revealed Amber as a little kid. Then the rest of the photos revealed each of the kids at kindergarten. So, fans saw Liz, Jonah, Anna, Emma, and Alex. Fans thought that Emma looked very cute as she had gaps in her mouth where her baby teeth fell out.

7 Little Johnstons Amber Reveals Cutest Kindergarten Throwback Pics

7 Little Johnstons fans said “cute” a lot of times in the comments. Mind you, so many of them couldn’t get over how Trent and Amber never really changed over the years. Here are a few of the comments that went in:

Cutest pictures ever. How does Trent look exactly the same?!

Oh my goodness my heart just exploded😍 I just watched the Liz moving out episode and it’s too fast!! And by “it’s” I mean life❤️.

How young they were🙌.

Oh my gosh. I absolutely love this!

Will The Show Return With Season 10?

No news of cancellation for the show came from TLC. Actually, the last season still left some storylines open. For example, most fans know that Anna actually moved out. Plus, news came that Trent apparently got another job. So, fans can hope for the 10th season in the future.

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates about the cast of 7 Little Johnstons on TLC.

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