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90 Day Fiance Fans React To Natalie Mordovsteva In The Singe Life

90 Day Fiance Fans React To Natalie Mordovsteva In The Singe Life90 Day Fiance fans always thought that Natalie Mordovsteva and Mike Youngquist seemed like an unlikely couple. Right from the beginning, the Ukrainian hated that he lived on a farm and she just wanted to move into Seattle. Well, they separated and she moved to Florida. Now it looks like she films for The Single Life spinoff, and TLC fans seem unhappy about it.

90 Day Fiance Star Natalie Mordovsteva Talks About Florida

In the Tell-All for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? fans heard that Natalie and Mike live in different places now. Actually, Part 1 revealed a lot of the cast shouting, behaving badly, and sniping at each other. While Angela Deem tried to steal the show by flashing her new boobs at the cameras, fans also talk about the rest of the cast. While some TLC fans think that Natalie’s a terrible person, a lot of them think both Mike and Natalie were to blame for their split.

Ahead of the 90 Day Fiance Tell-All fans saw that Natalie Mordovsteva told Mike that she intended to leave him and move in with a friend. In the clip. she sat there stroking her black and white rat and told Mike she was always unhappy with him. Well, a lot of fans thought she should just give it all up and go home. However, in the Tell-All, she told the cast that she left but opted for Florida instead of Ukraine.

Is 90 Day Fiance Star Natalie Filming For The Single Life?

Natalie Mordovsteva let the cat out of the bag and started rumors that she filmed for The Single Life. It actually came when she changed her social media bio. However, as she perhaps violated her NDA, the mention disappeared quickly. Now, more rumors arise about the possibility as a fan filmed her filming in Florida. Incidentally, the person she was with certainly didn’t look like Mike Youngquist.

On the weekend, the Instagram account of @thecelebguy reposted a post by @bellezaanegraa. It revealed 90 Day Fiance star Natalie quite clearly. The caption asked, “What do you think Natalie was filming in Florida??

90 Day Fiance Fans React To Natalie Mordovsteva In The Singe Life

Well, it looks like a lot of people thought about it and they shared their views on it. Of course, they seem pretty sure that the filming took place for The Single Life, given previous leaks and rumors

Fans React

Natalie Mordovsteva isn’t the most popular cast member of the franchise. So, most people hate the idea of seeing more of her in the spinoffs. In fact,  a lot of people believe she simply used Mike to get her green card. One fan said, “She need[s] to go back home we all knew she was in it for the greencard.” On seeing more of her in the spinoff, another fan noted, “If she’s on Single Life I can’t watch. Why is anyone allowing her to stay relevant?

Other comments flooded in and one read, “So Natalie gets another 15 minutes of fame….exactly what she wanted, wants to be a ‘Star.” Similar comments followed and several fans just said “no” to see more of her on TLC ever again: “Was hoping we wouldn’t have to see her again. Not going to watch this TLC programs again (sic).

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