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Seeking Sister Wife: The Winder Family Opens Up On Master Of Blackjack

Seeking Sister Wife: The Winder Family Opens Up On Master Of BlackjackSeeking Sister Wife fans met Colton, Tami, and Sophie Winder in Seasons 2 and 3 of the TLC show. Well, in Season 3 they picked up a lot of fans who admired them a lot. They seemed very authentic and of course, against the backdrop of bad behavior by other cast members, more believable. However, their season ended before the finale, so they opened up and filled in some blanks on The Master of Blackjack podcast this weekend.

Seeking Sister Wife Winder Family Open Up More

In season 3, TLC fans saw that the Winder family courted Kimberley for a bit. However, it didn’t work out. Nevertheless, they also saw more about the kids, Sadie and little Ephraim. Since then, Sophie started up a vlog on YouTube. So, there they share a bit more about their lifestyle choice. Plus, Sophie talks about raising her child. Tami Winder doesn’t participate much, but hopefully, in time, she also speaks out a bit more.

Since Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 wrapped up. Sophie shared the news that she fell pregnant again. Well, that sounds like good news. After all, she struggled with fertility issues. Things seemed worse for her because she just wanted to be a midwife. However, being surrounded by babies when she struggled for one, made her feel a bit distressed. Well, now she expects another baby, fans hope to see them again on another season of the show.

Winder Family Speaks With Master Of Blackjack

As you probably know, Kimberley disappeared quickly, so the Seeking Sister Wife family never feature in the last episode of the show. So, in collab between Linda Antwi of The Melanated Way and Master of Blackjack, they filled in some of the blanks. Once again, Sophie mentioned that she expects her third child. Then, Colton talked about how they thought long and hard about doing the show. However, by the time Season 2 came along, they felt ready for opening up more about their lifestyle.

Seeking Sister Wife: The Winder Family Opens Up On Master Of Blackjack

The Seeking Sister Wife family seems different in that they hold to their faith. So, being faith-based sets them apart from those with a simple desire for a plural life. Colton reminded TLC fans that those in his faith have a long tradition of plural life. Sophie and  Colton Winder spoke about the doctrine and the “13 articles of faith.” Plural marriage is all a part of that. So, they work hard as a family for a future spiritual life.

Tami Is The Best Sister Wife

Chatting about their relationships, Sophie called Tami the “best sister wife” she could wish for. Meanwhile, Tami, Colton explained, is an “understanding person.” Being “compassionate,” he also said that Tami is simply “rock solid.

Remember to check back with us often for more news, updates, and spoilers about the Winder family on Seeking Sister Wife from TLC.

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