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90 Day Fiance Star Big Ed Heartbroken As Teddy Passed Away Suddenly

90 Day Fiance Star Big Ed Heartbroken As Teddy Passed Away Suddenly90 Day Fiance star Big Ed introduced his fans to his dog Teddy right from the first promos of his season with Rose Vega. Well, this weekend, he told his TLC fans how excited he felt about doing a comedy gig. Despite still sniffling a bit from a chest cold, he seemed so excited. However the next day, his happiness turned to sorrow as he announced that his beloved doggie had passed away.

90 Day Fiance Fans feared COVID-19 But Big Ed Did A Comedy Act

Big Ed had a rough week by the look of things. He told his TLC fans that he felt unwell and got himself checked out after he came down with a chest problem. Additionally, he said he picked it up in Mexico. Well, some fans presumed he fell ill with COVID-19. Nevertheless, his discharge came after he waited for a prescription. Obviously, the meds worked well, as the next day he talked about his comedy act.

The 90 Day Fiance star obviously never expected that his comedy act would be the last time he’d see his special pooch alive. While TLC fans gossiped about Angela Deem in the Happily Ever After? Tell-All, Part 1, Ed nursed his pain when he discovered his doggie died. However, one thing that TLC fans know, is he can’t resist talking about his life on Instagram. So, he shared a video on Saturday, August 14 about the loss of his furry friend.

90 Day Fiance Fans Hear That Teddy Died In The Night

TLC fans know that Teddy seemed very dear to Big Ed. Remember the early promos for the show? He rode around on a small little scooter with Teddy perched next to him. The little pooch and his dad developed such a close bond, that Big Ed said he could pour out his heart to him. Cheatsheet reported that he called his little dog Teddy, his “best friend.”

90 Day Fiance Star Big Ed Heartbroken As Teddy Passed Away Suddenly


Last month,  fans heard that the 90 Day Fiance star’s doggie underwent surgery. Apparently, he spouted a lot of “benign cysts on both the top of his head and neck,” as reported by Soap Dirt. Of course, Big Ed seemed confident that his little pooch would make his way back to health. However, that never happened. When he shared the news on Instagram that Teddy died, Ed cried for his faithful companion.

Last Curtain For Teddy

After the video aired, a fan said that they saw Teddy with Big Ed the previous night. They felt “honored” to do so. Sad as it is, Teddy appeared to have a gentle death as Big Ed said that when he woke up in the morning, his beloved companion had gone in the night.

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