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Sister Wives: Here Are Janelle and Kody Brown’s Struggles Throughout The Years

Sister Wives: Here Are Janelle and Kody Brown’s Struggles Throughout The YearsSister Wives fans have seen the closeness of Kody Brown and Janelle Brown. Some even think that Janelle has the strongest connection to Kody compared to the other wives. However, despite looking very strong and stable, the two actually faced tons of problems throughout the years.

Apparently, Janelle is known for being one of the strongest and most frank wives of Kody. However, before Janelle became who she is right now, she actually struggled a lot and almost left the plural family years ago.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Almost Left The Plural Family

Sister Wives star may appear as the strongest and unbothered wife of Kody Brown when it comes to facing problems. However, reports claimed that Janelle actually almost left the plural family years ago.

According to reports, Janelle contemplated leaving Kody and the plural family. It was also revealed in the book that the Brown family published called, Becoming Sister Wives.

Throughout the years, Meri and Kody have shown signs of becoming a very strong couple. However, reports also claimed that things went downhill since Robyn Brown’s arrival in the family, who’s now often dubbed as Kody’s favorite wife.

Janelle Hated Kody’s Struggling Relationship With The Other Wives

Aside from wanting to leave the plural family, reports also claimed that Sister Wives star Janelle Brown hated Kody Brown’s struggling relationship with the other wives. Apparently, fans have seen how Kody struggled a lot with Meri Brown and Christine Brown.
At one point, Christine told Meri that she can’t do marriage with Kody anymore and also contemplated on leaving the plural family. Meanwhile, Meri’s relationship with Kody has been heading downhill since her catfishing scandal broke out in 2015.

Sister Wives: Here Are Janelle and Kody Brown’s Struggles Throughout The Years

Aside from that, Janelle also said that Kody’s financial struggles also affected her and made her feel seriously depressed. Janelle also said that there was a time where she felt excluded from the family.

Sister Wives: Janelle & Kody Continue To Remain Strong

Despite all the struggles, Sister Wives stars Janelle Brown and Kody Brown continue to impress the fans with their strong bond. Apparently, Janelle recently took Instagram to share that Kody visited her in her RV.

Janelle even shared a clip of them having a sweet dinner date while enjoying the beautiful view outside of her RV. Meanwhile, fans think that Kody is planning to build his project in their Coyote Pass land and Janelle will have to watch over it.

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