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Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Puts Kody To Work

SisterWives- Janelle Brown-1 Sister Wives star Janelle Brown moved into her RV out at Coyote Pass and fans wondered if that signified the end of a relationship with Kody. However, she confirmed that she still sees him. More than just the occasional date, he’s pretty useful to have around the place. In fact, she plans on putting him to work there.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Breaks Silence On Kody

Janelle Brown didn’t mention Kody for a long time after she moved into her RV. That came after her rental home in Flagstaff found a buyer really fast. She told her fans she always wanted to try living in an RV and the situation presented an opportunity. Actually, she admitted that there’s plenty of work needed on the property, so she might as well settle there in the meantime.

While fans heard all about the move by the Sister Wives star, she didn’t talk about Kody, Then suddenly, on August 8, she shared a photo that her son took. Really nice, Garrison captured the RV under the night sky. Sitting outside in the light of a lamp, sat Kody Brown. So, fans finally heard something about him. Bear in mind, TLC fans really don’t know what’s going on with his wives since the end of the last season.

Sister Wives – Kody And Janelle Dated, Puts Him To Work

Janelle Brown also shared that she and Kody enjoyed a dinner date. She shared a photo of them both smiling in the sunset and wrote, “Out dining ‘al Fresco’ last night. Complete with Chinese takeout because some days you count the wins where you can.” Well, now it looks like she wins again with Kody around and she plans on putting him to work in the RV. Handy husband Kody might as well help her out as he probably already does that sort of thing with the rest of his wives,

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Puts Kody To Work

On August 12, the Sister Wives star shared a photo of the RV section at the store. There, she discovered some nice shower fittings. She said, “Today I found some new shower heads that are supposed to give better pressure and use less water. Can’t wait to install them (well to have Kody install them 😂).” Well, some fans told her that the Oxygenics one work and they are really easy when it comes to fitting them. Still, fans like it that Kody earns his keep and helps out.

Home Maintenance For Kody

Janelle Brown, Meri, Robyn, and Christine live in different places. So, Kody probably fits and fixes things all the time. Bear in mind, apart from Janelle, the wives all live in quite large homes. No doubt he’s forever getting messages asking him to call in and fix something.

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