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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Has the Show Been Canceled?

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Has the Show Been Canceled? Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that there are some fans that are nervous about the fate of the show. The third season was full of action, drama, and allegations and it seems that TLC does need to think about what is next for the show.

The Beginning or the End?

Seeking Sister Wife first aired in 2018 on TLC and it captured the lives of men and women who wanted to add another wife to their marriage. Many were driven by the word of God, but it seemed that others just wanted their cake and to eat it too. We have seen a lot of families come and go on the show and even the Snowden family, who earlier this year, had some serious charges brought against them. This is why many fans think the show could end this year and once and for all.

There has yet to be any news about a new season of the show, but it is early yet. TLC doesn’t like to talk about new seasons until the very last minute and they could be doing this same thing with Seeking Sister Wife. There have been many struggles with the families and some of the new wives are even having babies, which could be great to add to the storylines.

Some Viewers Want it Canceled

With all of the domestic violence allegations coming from this show, a lot of viewers are voting for TLC to cancel it altogether. One Twitter user wrote to TLC, “I wish TLC would cancel these trashy ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ shows. I cannot even stand Garrick, he has no integrity. Divorces Dannielle so he can marry Roberta. They all go to a Mexican resort to plan a new wedding. Dannielle needs to run now!”

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Has the Show Been Canceled?

This isn’t the only viewer that feels that the show is boring and tired. There have been many petitions circulating online to have TLC cancel the show because of the Snowden domestic abuse allegations. So far, TLC has not made any comments about the show being picked up again or canceled. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

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