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Does 90 Day Fiance Star Big Ed Have COVID-19?

Does 90 Day Fiance Star Big Ed Have COVID-19?90 Day Fiance star Edward Allen Brown goes by the name of Big Ed on the TLC show. Controversial, he nevertheless racked up many followers and a lot of them either hate him or love him. Those who can’t stand him hate him because they felt he treated Rose Vega badly. Others outright express their belief that he’s into little girls, Meanwhile, other critics complain as he seems to do a lot of live meet-and-greets during the coronavirus. So, now he fell ill, fans think he might have the illness.

90 Day Fiance Star Big Ed Gained Many Followers

Despite Big Ed being a tubby little man with a short neck syndrome, he fast accumulated many thousands of followers. In fact, he zoomed up as an influencer, nearly catching long-term cast members like Angela Deem. Nowadays, he sits with just under half a million followers on Instagram alone. The professional photographer and qualified architect probably didn’t even need the show financially. However, he took to the limelight immediately.

Similar to 90 Day Fiance star Danielle Jbali, he’s become quite well recognized as a social media influencer, despite not being popular with all the TLC fans. Plus like Danielle, he also picks up plenty of trolls. However, he seems impervious to them. During the coronavirus, many followers slammed him for not wearing a mask. Or, they hammered at him for travel and meeting up with people. However, he simply brushed them off. So, as far as they were concerned, if he fell sick then it’s his own fault.

90 Day Fiance Star Big Ed Falls Sick – Is It Covid-19?

Big Ed took to his Instagram this weekend and told his fans that he fell ill on a trip to Mexico. Speaking from a hospital, he said that he saw the doctor as he developed some sort of chest cough. So, he waited for the doctor to come along and give him some steroids to cope with it. At the time, he pulled down his mask and swiped at his nose which clearly had the snuffles. Actually, he sounded quite ill like he struggled with the Flu.

Does 90 Day Fiance Star Big Ed Have COVID-19

The 90 Day Fiance star assured his fans that he took the vaccine back in April. While he reminded others to take care of themselves he didn’t say if he tested positive for the virus. However, fans thought that he might have. Mind you, like normal flu, it might take several tests to determine if he has it. Loyal TLC fans hope he gets better soon as he might be at high risk for covid complications.

Fans Chat About COVID and Vaccinations

These days when people fall sick, like fans of Big Ed, people often assume that it’s the coronavirus. This time, a lot of people went ahead and said he probably had it. One of them noted, “It’s the delta bro. And here you are vaxed and in the hospital.” Then another one said, “Hope you learned your lesson and not travel picking up germs.” As to whether he really has the virus or not, only time will tell.

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