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Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Confirms Kody Visits Her In Her RV

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Confirms Kody Visits Her In Her RVSister Wives fans heard that Janelle Brown moved into an RV on her Coyote Pass property in Flagstaff. Well, some TLC fans thought that she showed a lot of independence when she did that. In fact, some folk thought that perhaps she finally ditched Kody. However, she just revealed that she sees him and that he visits with her on her property.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Spoils On Kody

Like her fellow wives, last season Janelle Brown and Kody seemed at odds with each other. Or at last, she seemed at odds with all the friction that went on between the various wives. Badly behaved, Kody got slammed every which way.

In fact, he expected her to ground her two boys, both young adults, so he could swan in and see her any time he felt like it during the coronavirus. Over on Twitter, it became a bit of a public spat. So naturally, fans think it spilled over into real life, and he can’t be bothered with her.

Kody Brown took a lot of heat all around from Sister Wives fans. They grew angry that he wanted his daughter Ysabel to travel alone for her back surgery. Plus, he recently missed out on a family trip with Janelle. Actually, most fans think he just lives with Robyn these days and can’t be bothered with the rest of his wives. So, it seemed like a major spoiler when Janelle shared a photo of him sitting outside at night at the RV on Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives Star Shares A Beautiful Photo Of The RV

Janelle Brown took to her Instagram on August 8 and shared a photo that her son Garrison took. Garrison doesn’t stay in the RV with his mom and he just visited her. TLC fans know that he’s become really good at photography, so he took a nice photo and then sent it to his mom later. Actually, she likes it so much that she wants to get it framed. Well, all eyes focused on Kody who sat outside the RV.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Confirms Kody Visits Her In Her RV

The Sister Wives star wrote, “I had gone inside and [Garrison] and Kody remained outside. I had no idea he was taking a photo. This is amazing!!” Fans agree that certainly, it seems amazing and it captures life in an RV beautifully. However, talk naturally turned to Kody and the fact that he visits his second wife there.

TLC Fans Comment On Kody

Fans of Janelle Brown commented about Kody and one of them wrote, “So glad Kody is outdoors with y’all.❤️🙌 Great photo.” Then another fan noted, “Amazing. I’m glad to see some happiness in your life. Unfortunately the show has only been showing the harsh drama.”

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