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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dimitri In Hiding After Split From Ashley

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dimitri In Hiding After Split From AshleySeeking Sister Wife Spoilers suggest that Dimitri Snowden is in hiding after splitting with his wife Ashley Snowden. Ashley is continuing to move forward after her heartbreaking split with Dimitri. Ashley has been very active on social media while Dimitri remains quiet. What is going on with the couple?

Dimitri Is Strangely Quiet

Seeking Sister Wife’s Dimitri has been strangely quiet since his split with wife Ashley. Of course, this split followed several failed attempts to add sister wives to the family. Dimitri used to be very vocal on Instagram, especially when he and Ashley were looking for a sister wife but now he is quiet.

Dimitri deleted all of his posts and changed his profile picture after Ashley went public with their split. Dimitri’s silence takes his fans by surprise because he has been known to express his thoughts and feelings through his social media accounts. Fans are beginning to wonder about Dimitri and his health at this point.

Ashley Tries To Remain Positive

Seeking Sister Wife’s Ashley has been the exact opposite. Ashley has been very active on her social media account and shares her thoughts and feelings. Ashley usually shares good vibes and posts environmental awareness posts. Ironically, she also posts often about women’s empowerment which seems strange for someone who was willing to share their husband with another woman.

Perhaps this is just something that people who don’t believe in polygamy just don’t understand. However, fans are hoping to hear more from Ashley about her split from Dimitri. However, neither of them has offered any insight on what caused their breakup. Will the couple ever go public with details or would they rather keep their personal life private now that they have separated?

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dimitri In Hiding After Split From Ashley

What’s Next For The Couple?

Seeking Sister Wife’s Ashley has confirmed that the two of them have split. Ashley hints that she was lied to and that she is just glad to be alive. Ashley and Dimitri may be separated but they still share three children. Ashley and Dimitri will hopefully work on co-parenting their children even if they can’t be together.

Will the couple return to the show when the new season begins? This is yet to be seen since they are not a couple at this time. After all, if they aren’t seeking a sister wife, they may not be back on the show at all. Hopefully, Ashley will keep fans posted on her progress and their plans as a family.

We hope that the Snowdens can work out a system of parenting and deal with whatever issues are between them. We certainly wish them luck in working things out and will be watching for updates on this couple.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Seeking Sister Wife right now. Come back here often for Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, news, and updates.

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