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Big Brother: Nicole Franzel Reveals Postpartum Medical Scare

Big Brother: Nicole Franzel Reveals Postpartum Medical ScareNot long after giving birth to a new baby boy, she named Arrow, Nicole Franzel, 29, winner of CBS’s Big Brother had recently visited the E.R. with heavy bleeding. According to People magazine, when a fan on Instagram had asked Nicole how she was doing she revealed that she had taken a visit to the emergency room due to some concern over heavy bleeding.

According to her Instagram post about the bleed she said, “It was so sudden & so much bleeding, it scared the crap out of me.” Of course, she quickly reassured fans that she was fine saying, “But, every day I’m a little better. Thanks for asking.”

Big Brother: The baby backstory

According to Nicole’s Instagram update last Saturday her baby had been breech and that she had had to have a C-Section, but everything had worked out alright.

She subsequently gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and she had said in her Instagram that it was “SO FAST & so easy,” telling her fans planning on having a baby, “DO NOT FRET!!!!!!”

Then, just recently, there was the scare. But everything seems to be going great for the family of three.

Big Brother: Arrow Meets World

Arrow was born at 8:01 in the morning on July 23, weighing in at 6 lbs., 15 oz., a whopping 20 inches long.

According to People Magazine, the father, Victor Arroyo III wrote in a message he wrote, on both of their accounts, that the day was “absolutely amazing and perfect” adding that, “he and Nicole are healthy and doing great” that they are “cuddling & he latched immediately!! 🙌”

Big Brother: Nicole Franzel Reveals Postpartum Medical Scare

Big Brother: Since the Birth

Since the birth, the three have been inseparable, according to Franzel, who wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday, that little Arrow was doing “really, really, really, really good,” and that he, “just loves his mommy and daddy and wants to be held by them, and so if we want to put him down for a second, he doesn’t like it.”

She went on to say that he’s really strong – not too big but, seven pounds and strong. She also wrote that he’s already lifting his own head and that Victor thinks he can “hold his own body weight, for sure.”

Big Brother: Meet the little Arrow

In an Instagram post, that Franzel shared just four hours ago, fans can see an image of the little Arrow posing next to his not-so-little teddy bear. From this cuteness overload it becomes clear, the two-week-old is a happy, healthy baby boy who is adjusting to his new life with ease.

Naturally, fans are gushing over the image with some remarking how he looks more and more like his mom every day and others questioning whether he will have blue eyes.

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