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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Reddit Outs Tony Cheating On Angela?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Reddit Outs Tony Cheating On Angela?Love After Lockup spoilers came when Angela and Tony appeared in the original season of the WEtv show. Ever since then, they have had a stormy, on-and-off relationship. Recently, things escalated a lot, and now she suspects that he might be cheating on her. It all came about when she found something incriminating on Reddit.

Love After Lockup Spoilers – Tony Gets Outed – Angela Reacts

WEtv fans know that Tony served time in prison for possessing guns. Well, Angola decided she loved him for all his faults and sent him money through his incarceration until his release, However judging by his behavior, it might have been wasted money. As the new seasons played out, the couple never really found bliss, mainly because of his nasty penchant for prostitutes.

Love After Lockup spoilers came last week, and they pointed to a massive bust-up between the couple. In fact, it looked like it might finally all be over. Mind you, fans heard that one before. Apparently, Tony took cash from Anglea, and her car and went off to hide out with his mama. Furious, she burned a whole lot of his stuff and said on Instagram that she’s done with him. Since then, it looks like Redditors outed him and Angela thinks he’s cheating on her,

Love After Lockup Spoilers Reveal Angela has A Serious Rant

Taking to her Instagram on Thursday, August 5, Angela wrote out a very long rant. In it, she said that she found a photo on Reddit. It revealed Tony sitting with a woman. However, her face remained hidden. Angela said, “This is Tony and his new girl, call girl or whatever she is too (sic)  him. I found out she traveled over 2000 miles to chase my cheating lying pathetic excuse for a husband down to get some 🍆. “

Love After Lockup Spoilers Reddit Outs Tony Cheating On Angela

The Love After Lockup spoilers continued as she ranted, “I mean i really dont think they get anymore thirsty than THIS!!!” Well, she sure sounds thirsty for some of Tony, although fans might wonder why. Apparently, they hooked up after Tony ran out on Angela. While she called the hookup funny, she also ranted about the money he took from her. According to her post, Angela claimed that Tiny said he “lost it.”

Fans Comment On The Cheating Allegations

Angela got little sympathy from WEtv fans. After all, he keeps leaving and she keeps on taking him back. One fan wrote, “You just keep taking him back! I don’t know how you can make comments about her!!!” Then another fan commented, “Idk why you are mad at her… you also lived through and saw all the crap he did to you. I hope this time you can move on and heal. On to a better chapter and book! ❤️❤️❤️”

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