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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Daonte Loses It With Cheating Nicolle

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Daonte Loses It With Cheating NicolleLove After Lockup spoilers revealed that Daonte is pretty lavish when it comes to spending money on Nicolle. However, as her costs and demands rise, money gets a bit tight. Well, now he’s furious with her and he probably won’t dip into his wallet for a while now. Her cheating ways really made him so mad that he punished her.

Love After Lockup Spoilers – Nicolle And Daonte Clash

The current Season brings a lot of drama and it’s not confined to Daonte and Nicolle. For example, a rather explosive bust-up came between older guy Stan Smith and Lisa. Actually, he seems to resent the fact that she spends quite a lot of time with her son. That led to a horrible clash and seemed that Stan deeply regretted losing it with her. Meanwhile, he might have regrets and say sorry, but will that be enough for Daonte when it comes to Nicolle?

Love After Lockup Spoilers Daonte Loses It With Cheating Nicolle

Love After Lockup spoilers revealed that Daonte and Nicolle certainly bring loads of drama to WEtv. They seem to live through a revolving door between bliss and trouble. Daonte seems smitten with Nicolle and spends a lot of money on her to keep her happy.  While she seems to have an insatiable appetite for cash, it seems she might not love him quite the same as he loves her. In fact, she just about wiped him out so he had to move back to his mom’s place. Well, she might have cut off those money bags for the very last time now.

Love After Lockup Spoilers – Daonte’s Furious

Bossip.com reported that spoilers reveal that Daonte catches Nicolle out with her ex. You probably already know that one thing she wants him to pay for is a boob job. Talk about expensive! Anyway, it turns out that she caught up with her ex and Mr. Moneybags found out. So, he freaked out and it looks like she lost the opportunity for the boob job. In fact, he also yelled about cutting off her phone.

Punishing her, the Love After Lockup spoilers show Daonte just dumping everything of hers from out of his car into the street.  Meanwhile, Nicolle makes it all about her and wails about how this could happen to her. Well, it looks she finally pushed enough buttons to take Daonte over the top. Did she miscalculate? It certainly looks like she’s about to discover he’s not such a pushover after all.

Friday Episode

The spoilers about Daonte tossing his toys and pretty much Nicolle out of the cot apply to this weeks’ episode. It sounds explosive, so you probably won’t want to miss it. Hopefully, he stays strong and lets her know that he actually has some limits to his patience.

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