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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Seeking Sister Wife Fans Offer Dannielle Merrifield Support

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Seeking Sister Wife Fans Offer Danielle Merrifield SupportSeeking Sister Wife Spoilers suggest that fans are still upset over Garrick Merrifield’s treatment of his wife Dannielle Merrifield and offer her support. Fans don’t believe Garrick’s polygamy claims and dislike his treatment of his first wife. Is Garrick the selfish man fans make him out to be?

Garrick And Danielle Merrifield

Seeking Sister Wife fans have watching Garrick and Dannielle since the beginning. Throughout the show, Garrick has seemed to push his plans for polygamy on his wife. Dannielle has admitted to agreeing to this because Garrick wants it. Dannielle has even considered herself selfish for not being more enthused about Garrick’s plans for their family.

However, fans seem to believe that Garrick is being selfish and simply wants an excuse to sleep with other women. Fans believe that Dannielle has a right to her feelings of jealousy and insecurity. Is Dannielle overreacting or does she see that her husband just wants a legitimate reason to cheat? Should Dannielle stay with Garrick if she doesn’t feel comfortable in this relationship?

Hypocritical At Best

Seeking Sister Wife’s Garrick claims to be following what God has led him to do in his married life. However, Garrick doesn’t seem to be bothered by having sex before he and Roberta were married. Although Garrick did divorce Dannielle so that he could marry Roberta and bring her to the United States.

Some of Garrick’s family are upset with his decision and have turned against him. Danielle’s mother is upset with Garrick too and doesn’t trust him at all. Is Darrick’s family right to not trust him? Has Darrick’s past treatment of his wife shown his true feelings?

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Seeking Sister Wife Fans Offer Danielle Merrifield Support

A Mid-life Crisis Perhaps?

Seeking Sister Wife fans are convinced the Garrick is going through a mid-life crisis. After all, why does one decide after thirteen years of marriage that they want to be a polygamist? Garrick claims that he and Dannielle chose this together but she was not included in the decision to try and have a baby with Roberta instead of getting married to her.

Dannielle was also upset to learn that Garrick and Roberta had sex while waiting for her to come back to their room after claiming to not want Dannielle to be alone. Garrick acts so much like Dannielle’s feelings don’t matter that fans have encouraged her time and again to leave Garrick and find someone worthy of her love and devotion.

Dannielle posted recently about packing to go somewhere and fans are hoping against hope that she is packing up to leave. Fans are also upset that they have to wait almost a year to see if Dannielle, Garrick, and Roberta are still together. However, TLC has strict rules against disclosing information that would spoil the show. Will Garrick come to his senses by the time the new season airs? Will Danielle get fed up and walk away?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Seeking Sister Wife right now. Come back here often for Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, news, and updates.

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