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Love After Lockup – The Couple That Keeps Giving Us LIFE – But For How Long?

 Love After Lockup - The Couple That Keeps Giving Us LIFE - But For How Long?Love After Lockup Season 4 is showcasing new couples. Daonte and Nicolle of this new season are quite the pair. Daonte wears his heart on his sleeve and carries his cash in an open hand when it comes to Nicolle. She is the latest “love of his life.” Daonte’s last “prison bae” and “love of his life” emptied his money bags causing him to have to move back to the shelter of the nest (a.k.a.) his Mama’s house.

Going around the same mountain over and over again can be exhausting but maybe not so much for Daonte. The current Love After Lockup episodes show and tell us Daonte has steadily supplied Nicolle’s wants and needs with cash while she was in prison. Now she is out and the cost of her wants and needs are BALLOONING.

She wants Daonte to foot the bill for getting her boobs done. You would think he has Fort Knox set up in his spare room. Daonte is a hopeless romantic. He will keep chasing the dream of having a wife, kids, and a house with a white picket fence no matter how much it cost him. He thinks he will capture that dream with Nicolle.

As for Nicolle, his fiancé (in his mind) it seems that she would rather grab the cash and leave Daonte’s heart hanging right there on his sleeve. Nicolle doesn’t want to satisfy his craving for “real” intimacy with her. I guess love can be blinding sometimes but not so much for the Love After Lockup Season 4 fans. Judging by their comments they see very well and so does Daonte’s mom. She let it be known in no uncertain terms she felt Nicolle was not interested in anything but her son’s money.

 Love After Lockup - The Couple That Keeps Giving Us LIFE - But For How Long?

Love After Lockup – Daonte Grows a “Pair”

Tension and tempers flare up when people are not getting what they want. All Daonte wants is love and to trade his “boy toy” in for the “real thing” that Nicolle is keeping from him. It is no wonder they are fighting now. No one wants to overhear the “love of their life” complaining about them, to an ex. So Daonte’s got some decisions to make and there are Love After Lockup spoiler rumors that he is going to kick her and her boobs to the curb.

All that’s left to say is: Daonte! You’ve made your bed hard and now you will have to continue to lay in it alone. But all is not lost because you will find another “love of your life” prison bae. Until then, your little “boy toy” is just a touch away. What will Daonte decide?

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