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You, Me & My Ex Spoilers: Alex Hines and His Relationship

You, Me & My Ex Spoilers: Alex Hines and His RelationshipYou, Me & My Ex spoilers reveal that Alex Hines is getting a lot of backlash over his relationship with Caroline. Viewers have had a lot of doubts about their relationship since the show first appeared and now it seems that he is trying to plead his case.

He has always identified as gay and he was in a long-term relationship with Steve. Now that he is with a woman, many fans think that he could be faking the whole thing. He has a lot to tell the world and one of those things is that he is in love with Caroline.

The Surprises on The Show

You, Me & My Ex is a show that is filled with a lot of drama and surprises. Fans of the show think that it is impossible that Alex is in love with Caroline, especially after seeing the relationship he has with Steve. Alex did want to marry Steve and be with him forever, but that has changed and people are entitled to change the way that they feel. It happens to the best of us. Alex has been very hesitant to introduce Caroline to his family, but they do need to know that he is happy with her.

Alex continues to post photos of the two of them together. Fans of the show were shocked to see him add to his Story. It read, “People may never get our relationship and some will always want to believe it’s simply for tv. But I love you more than I love myself. You’re my first thought in the morning and the last one at night. You make me want to obtain perfection just to be good enough for you.”

You, Me & My Ex Spoilers: Alex Hines and His Relationship

Alex Defends Caroline

Alex will continue to defend his relationship with Caroline and he feels that viewers should know that none of this is for the show and that it is all real. We hope that viewers will finally understand how they feel about one another and we will continue to watch and see how their relationship unfolds.

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