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Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Highs and Lows With Fans

 Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Highs and Lows With FansSister Wives star Christine Brown has been one of the fan favorites of the show. However, Christine also has her own downside and she still gets criticized for her own doings. Apparently, Christine is mostly considered as one of the most emotional wives of Kody Brown.

Due to this, a lot of viewers don’t quite support her as well. However, Christine has also done a lot of good things in the family. Meanwhile, fans think that Kody’s love for Christine is slowly fading similar to Meri.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Good Side

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is Kody Brown’s third wife. Things were great between Christine and the family when she arrived. It even came to the point where she became a fan favorite.

Apparently, Christine’s joyful character in the show brought a lot of positivity to the plural family. She also inspired many due to her mild temper. Fans have seen how Christine deals with her problems in the family.

Instead of making things worse, Christine controls her feelings and calmly talks to the other wives and Kody. However, Christine’s polite attitude isn’t appealing to others.

What Fans Hated About Christine

According to some, Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s polite attitude caused her to become one of the most boring wives of Kody Brown. Some even think that Christine’s mild temper is unproductive in the show.

Christine also has a very fragile side, and most fans don’t like it. Apparently, fans have seen how Christine became so emotional with little to no problems. Christine’s sensitivity with the other wives also made fans think that she’s a jealous person.

However, Christine herself admitted earlier this year that she does feel jealous of the other wives. Christine even revealed that she feels isolated and separated from the plural family.

 Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Highs and Lows With Fans

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Giving Up On Christine?

Sister Wives fans have seen how Kody Brown treats his wives unequally. Apparently, it’s known that Kody has an issue of favoritism towards Robyn Brown. However, fans think that Christine is one of the highly affected wives of Kody when it comes to his cold approaches.

During their latest season, Christine showed the world how much she’s been struggling with Kody. She even told Meri that she can’t do marriage with Kody anymore.

Meanwhile, fans have yet to see Kody making enough efforts to make Christine feel loved, which made some fans think that he’s slowly giving up on her.

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