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Love After Lockup: Are Angela Gail And Tony Over For Good?

Love After Lockup: Are Angela Gail And Tony Over For Good?Love After Lockup fans often wonder why Angela Gail stays with Tony. After all, it’s not like he’s the catch of the century. Last year, fans thought they finally separated for good. However, she got back with him and shared a lot of posts about how happy they are together. Now, another drama came along, and this time, it looks like she finally gave up on him.

Love After Lockup – Angela And Tony Makeups And Breakups

Last year, fans heard that Angela seemed a rather wily sort of person as she never filed her and Tony’s marriage paperwork. So, that gave her an easy out if they finally parted their ways. Additionally, fans found out that she had another inmate on her phone named Ross. She cheated with him the whole time she was supposedly married to Tony. And why not? Tony took off after all. Fans know that he’s big into prostitution and he’s not got any prospects.

Well, the Love After Lockup couple split and got back together so many times, that it’s really hard to keep track of it all. How many times did she say that she kicked him to the curb? Well, after his latest shenanigans, it seems like she finally had enough of him. Allegedly, he took Angela’s car and a whole bunch of money and left her. The news came via Instagram this weekend.

Love After Lockup Bust Up Now Deleted

Starcasm reported about the new drama between Tony and Angela. Unfortunately, since then the Instrgam post they referred to was deleted. Anyway, the outlet reported that she said, “I’m on the move today getting rid of Tony from my life so I burned [some stuff] and a few other things.” Then, she angrily said that she won’t waste “a cardboard box” on him and post it off. Plus, she felt that if the stuff seemed so important to him, he should have packed it when he left.

Love After Lockup Are Angela And Tony Over For Good

Then the LOve After Lockup star raved about how he’s such a mommy’s boy and called him “a coward.”  Additionally, she hopes that her amount of hatred just keeps him the f*** away from me when he needs something or goes back to jail!!” Apparently, he made off in her car to Idaho, so Angela thinks she might get up there and get it back.

Woman On A Mission

Angela said that she knows here he is in Idaho and she has a key to the place. Plus, she really hoped he still had 4K that he stole from her. However, she thinks he probably already “spent it on prostitutes, drugs, and alcohol!!” Well, it’s hard to tell if they are over for good this time. After all, fans saw similar drama play out in the past. 

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