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Counting On Spoilers: Are The Duggars Locked in Contracts?

Counting On Spoilers: Are The Duggars Locked in Contracts?Counting On spoilers reveal that the Duggar family could be still locked into their contracts, even though the show has officially been canceled by TLC. Many of them have been locked into these contracts for years and now it seems that they want to get out of them, but are not sure what action they can take in order to do so. 

Losing Money

As soon as fans of the fundamentalist family heard of the canceling of the show, they were saddened. There were plenty of people though that fought for TLC to cancel the show that features, Josh Duggar, who is now accused of possessing child pornography on his computer. These viewers made petitions online and had thousands of signatures. TLC clearly had to listen to the viewers and did cancel Counting On.

By canceling Counting On, TLC has fired the Duggars from appearing on the network. They are now losing out on about $850,000 per year! That’s a lot of money and since they are in contracts still, most of them won’t be able to even look for work elsewhere because of the fine print in their contracts. Even if they want to write a book or start a podcast, they will have to ask TLC for permission. Does this seem fair to them?

What Will They Do?

With these growing families, many fans of the Duggars are curious what they will do now. They no longer have the income from the show and it looks like TLC ‘s contracts are still legally binding.

Counting On Spoilers: Are The Duggars Locked in Contracts?

There are so few options for them now to make money that many of the Duggars may have to get day time jobs, work in the food industry, or in the world of retail. Most of the Duggars have solely relied on the money from the show and now that it is over, what will they do?

Many of the Duggar women have been selling products on social media and it looks like they may have to step up their game on this. We will have to see what happens next with their contracts. 

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