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Sister Wives Fans Call Out Kody Brown For Not Visiting Grandkids?

Sister Wives Fans Call Out Kody Brown For Not Visiting Grandkids?Sister Wives fans consider Kody Brown as the main villain of the show. Apparently, fans don’t like how Kody treats his wives. Most of the time, Kody appears to disregard the opinions of his wives and do everything in his way.

Kody made a lot of fans upset after his decision not to join his daughter, Ysabel Brown, for her major back surgery in New Jersey. Since then, fans have been calling out Kody for showing no signs of support for his kids.

Now, fans are calling out Kody again for never visiting his grandkids, especially during Janelle Brown’s recent trip to North Carolina.

Sister Wives: Fans Are Calling Out Kody For Never Visiting His Grandkids

Sister Wives fans are calling out Kody Brown on social media for never visiting his grandkids. Apparently, Janelle Brown recently took Instagram to share that she flew and her kids flew to North Carolina to visit Maddie Brown.

According to some, Kody should’ve joined Janelle in order to see his daughter and his grandkids. However, Kody remains out of sight from Janelle’s recent photo while they’re waiting at the airport.

Some fans even made a Reddit thread asking if Kody ever visits his grandkids. According to some, they know that Kody has a problem with his “short attention span.” However, they’re worried if Kody ever builds a relationship with his grandkids.

Another user said that they would be shocked if Kody’s grandkids end up getting close to him. Some even recalled the past seasons suggesting that Kody wanted his kids to adjust and move closer to him instead of him visiting them.

Sister Wives Fans Call Out Kody Brown For Not Visiting Grandkids?

Janelle Brown Shares Bonding Moments With Kids

In an Instagram post, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown shared several pictures from their family fun time in North Carolina as they finally reunite with Maddie Brown. Janelle and her kids also went out in the street to celebrate Independence Day.

However, Janelle said that she also Logan and Michelle as they never made it to the reunion. Aside from that, Janelle also revealed that they visited several tourist spots at Jamestown Settlement, VA. with some of her kids.
Sister Wives: Kody Remains MIA After Terrible Season Finale

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been missing in action since their unpleasant season finale. Apparently, their last season didn’t end well as Kody fails to make progress with his Coyote Pass Project.

He also fails to get his struggling wives together as they continue to deal with separations during the pandemic. Now, reports claimed that TLC might cancel their show due to its poor ratings. However, some think that Kody is just quarantining with his favorite wife, Robyn Brown.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with TLC right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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